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  • Patrick Cullen - Parenting Made EasierI bought the Total Transformation Program for my adopted daughter who was struggling with ADHD, attachment problems, and anxiety disorders. The Total Transformation Program gave me practical tips that I could use every day. Even though it's been months since I purchase the Total Transformation Program I can still here Jim Lehman's voice in my head coaching me through tough moments I have with my daughter. I highly recommend this program! It can literally change the game for you and your family.
  • DG2021 - Skeptic is a Believer. . .TRIA works (I promise I'm not a shill)Average rating of 3 stars? Who could be disappointed with this product? Sasquatch?

    I had laser hair removal a few years ago on my armpits and bikini line - to the tune of $2,000. I wanted to do some touch-ups, lower legs, and, for lack of a better phrase, go farther on the bikini line. I searched the uswoop and groupon deals for months hoping to find something ridiculously cheap.

    Then I saw the TRIA on Amazon. The math is a no brainer. The only question is: does it work? Trust me, I was a skeptic. But this thing knocked out 70% of the bikini line hair on the first use (on the highest setting on dark hair & beige skin). I've used it twice more (every two weeks) and the results just keep getting better.

    Pros: it works! it's cost-effective! you will NOT be sorry.

    Cons: exactly the same as laser hair removal in a salon or med spa. It stings quite a bit on the highest setting from the laser head getting hot. It works best on light skin with dark hair. All of my grays are sadly left behind. Looks like electrolysis for that! lol

    Hints: I place an ice pack on my skin for about 10 seconds, wipe any moisture away, and then ZAP. The ice pack really limits how much heat you feel from the laser head. I also take some ibuprofen about 30 minutes before zapping. Now if I can just figure out what to do about those pesky gray hairs. . .
  • P. Creekmore "creekmax" - Serious Implications for Serious ChristiansGiven that this book treats a topic that is presently very controversial, the reviews are going to be polarized. But Brownson does a great job of speaking to all Christians where they are in an insightful, humble and sensible way about some ideas that have serious and important implications for the church at large. If you are the slightest bit open to re-examining the church's assumptions about homosexuality, this will be a great read for you.

    Brownson takes a very careful and thorough approach but manages to keep the content accessible at the same time. The book draws directly on the available body of scholarly literature but isn't at all in the "monotonously academic" vein. Brownson instead takes this information and synthesizes it very well and expands upon it with his own valuable contributions.

    My favorite aspect of the book is its aforementioned sensibility. Brownson's arguments call for some serious change in the church's teachings on homosexuality, but he doesn't throw the baby out with the bath water. His ultimate point (as far as I see it) is that our fixation on gender as a moral seat is not biblical. But beyond that, he leaves Christian sexual morality intact, calling for us to champion monogamous, long-lasting relationships and stand against promiscuity and other forms of excess. In all things, Brownson reveres and reaffirms the value of Scripture. If you are uncertain of your own stance on same-sex relationships, you may be surprised how much you already agree with James Brownson right out of the gate.
  • Guy Vils "Guy" - Windows 8 is pretty much Windows 7 (Great) + WIndows App StoreWindows 8 is everything good about Widows 7, which is quite a lot, plus the Windows App Store.

    The whole App thing doesn't thrill but that's the direction of the world so if you want access to who-knows-what innovation clever minds will be creating you will have to get on board sooner or later.

    Since it looks like upgrading is cheapest until January it might as well be now.

    Extra thanks to Amazon for the $30 credit which made getting the DVD Media package actually a few cents cheaper than the Microsoft download.
  • Margaret - Norton 360I was having so many issues with my laptop, and couldn't figure out why. I had an antivirus program on my computer but it didn't feel that way. Every day was some new problem. I bought my Norton 360 from Amazon for a great price(of course), installed it and I have been problem free since!!! Thank you.