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  • Edna H. Love - Quicken Simple Money ManagementI am certaily well pleased with this program. Wow! No more messed up balances...a one-two-three look at my accounts in all that is needed. It's difficult to make a mistake with the help of the Quicken program. I highly recommend it to everyone who might want to keep accurate records in a vey simple way.
  • Mary R. Gow "Redhead2229" - Finally, a shoe he can wear!My husband is a diabetic and even with the best medications he still had trouble wearing most shoes. I had gotten myself a pair of the women's GoWalk shoes and thought that he might be able to wear them if I could find them in men's shoes, so I ordered him a pair. This was one of the smartest things I've done! He said that they are more comfortable than slippers and has been able to wear them everyday. He likes them so much I ordered him another pair in another color. These shoes are wonderful in the men's or women's!
  • Dean D - Goodbye Canon SLR and Samsung HD Camcorder, hello Lumix G5!I have had a Canon T1i with a Tamron 18-270 lens for about 3 years, and was originally skeptical of the mirrorless 4/3 technology.

    I recently started using a Panasonic Lumix G5, and am blown away!
    Amazing pictures, great low-light performance, SUPER-fast auto-focus, etc.
    It's smaller and lighter than my SLR, and has plenty of lense choices to suit any shooting situation.
    The live-view screen with histogram, has me finally using the camera in a mode other than full-auto.... extra cool that you get the same view on an very bright, high-resolution live view finder.
    The creative features, particularly one-point color, make shooting fun, and save me from having to manipulate images in software.

    The video quality, Full HD at 1080p (60fps) is AWESOME... I'd recently bought a Samsung HD camcorder, and the G5 is SO much better, and let's me take just ONE DEVICE with me (no more lugging both SLR and camcorder.

    Menus are attractive and easy to use, and the touch-screen focus option works for both still and videos, which is much easier to use than trying to change the focus point in my SLR.

    Keep an eye out for a Canon/Tamron SLR and Samsung on ebay, because I have no use for them after getting used to my G5!