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  • Samantha Lewis - This is a great car seatI got this seat because the chemicals used and fire retardants are in the fabric as it is made rather than applied to the fabric and seat. I would prefer to keep my baby away from this toxic stuff so this one seemed like the best option. It seems less likely to off gas and rub off on him.
    I also like that this seat is made in the USA and recyclable.
    It seems to be a very safe seat.
    It is comfortable for my little guy, easy to buckle and fits well in our Subaru forester as well as the back seat of our truck.
    I am very happy we spent the extra money. It is nice to have such a nice seat and it will work for him for years.
  • Stephanie - Excellent book to aid rational decision making during pregnancyReviews that pop up hours or days after a book's release can raise suspicion, so let me begin with a timeline. I read an excerpt of Oster's book on the Huffington Post yesterday afternoon, and immediately downloaded a sample on my Kindle (the HuffPo excerpt is in fact part of that introduction). I was so taken with Oster's refreshingly evidence-based approach that I bought the book...and read it cover to cover within the last 24 hours. I am in the second trimester of my first pregnancy, and have been increasingly annoyed by the "guidelines" or "rules" posed by popular pregnancy books and my caregivers, most of which are impossibly vague and very few of which reference the medical literature. What I so appreciate about Oster's book is that it offers a review of the available data and leaves me to make my own decisions based on that data.

    My sense after reading the 1-star reviews is that most of these reviewers have not read the book (not even the chapter that covers alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco). Although the ad-hominem attacks alone should lead people to question the veracity of the 1-star reviews, the even larger concern with these reviews is that they miss the main premise of Oster's work. This is not a book with "rules" about pregnancy: the only thing it advises women to do (aside from quitting smoking) is to make well-reasoned choices based on the strongest possible evidence. This book is essentially a lengthy literature review that treats its readers as adults who are qualified to make rational and reasonable decisions. I would recommend it with enthusiasm to any reader interested in good decision making.
  • mom_in_Austin "mom_in_Austin" - My ultimate FAVORITE paper calendar, I order one every year!Big grids, enough room to write reminders, appts, travel dates, special events, etc.

    In the age of electronic calendars & syncing one to another, I still (personally) find using just ONE, big paper calendar for the WHOLE family a lot easier & less stressful. It's not a big deal for me to say, "I'll call you later when I get home & check the calendar."
  • Warty Bliggins - Best Vacuum ever usedThis is an outstandingly well engineered vacuum built with very durable components. We were astonished how much better it performs than our Meile vacuum which is also a HEPA unit. The ability to see what you've vacuumed is very useful, as it gives you feed back on how dirty the place is and provides incentive to vacuum more frequently. Also dumping the container is so simple, fast, and superior to changing disposable bags, including the ease of retrieving items that should not have been on the floor that it gobbled up. Great product.
  • jGriff100 - Excellent Meal ReplacementThis is an excellent product. This is the first product that has every actually worked. I can only consume 1/2 the serving size at one time. If I don't drink it immediately it will thicken and I need a spoon. It is no where close to even being considered tasty, but I find soy milk or flavored water helps on the taste. It is somewhat... how can I say it... visually gross, but despite the drawbacks on the senses this is the best meal replacement I have ever consumed. It is gluten free and dairy free. It's free of some other things, but I am completely allergic to gluten and dairy is problematic for me.

    This product is now on the regular grocery list along with the Raw Fiber.

    Garden of Life - RAW Meal, 2.6lb tub
    Garden of Life Raw Organic Fiber, 1 lb, 5 oz
    RAW Protein - 622g - Powder