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  • Double_Ones "music lover" - Very EntertainingThis game is really fantastic. My five-year old son is hooked and I (36 years old) am also hooked. It's a great learning tool for him and has been a lot of fun for us to play together.

    As for the whine-a-razzi crying about the "Draconian DRM," just hush. How often are you removing and reinstalling video games anyway? Ever re-install MS Office or Windows and have to call to get it authorized? Yeah, that's right, no big deal.
  • Csf1977 - HelpfulVery helpful for clinicals for any nursing student. It can be used on the floor before giving medications to patients.
  • Cecilia - Common SenseJudging from the reviews, I see that people don't realize just how different people's skin can be. Like any skin product, this can be hit or miss. In my personal experience, this product is absolutely wonderful. In my best friend's personal experience, this product did NOTHING to help her deplorable skin situation. My advise is to go to a dermatologist's office, make an appointment to the aesthetician, and have her do Zeno tests on you skin. That way, you can determine how well your skin will react to the product. Be informed consumers! Don't buy this unless you have previewed it and are certain it will work for you. Otherwise, it's just money wasted. A lot of money wasted. I hope this helps you guys!
  • David - So far So good...I was a bit wary of buying an "as seen on tv" product, but I have had it for a month or so and it has performed exactly like the ads say it will. Once I found the right place to stick it on my windshield (the moving part of the mount doesn't support the weight of the phone fully, so I had to make sure the phone rests on the dashboard), it has been great.
  • gorillaz2323 - A fantastic Mix that Succeeds in every single wayOk, I don't write reviews much because I tend to have biases towards certain things. But considering the negative attention this mix has received I feel that it is necessary. Firstly, I love to mix music, especially House and Trance and I am a huge fan of Armin's. I have noticed a lot of people saying that the mixing is erratic and the first cd doesn't follow along with the theme of being on a beach very well. Well, for starters, the mixing is just fine, believe me, there are far worse mix compilations out there! Besides, ASOT albums have always been a showcase for some of the up and coming trance artists/songs or even lessor known songs, with just enough of the big stuff to get you to buy. Besides the mixing does its job just fine, it brings you up and down, its actually quite a ride overall, and the transitions serve their purpose and are for the most part seamless. Besides if you want a mix that is loaded with technical achievement and amazing transitions/effects, listen to W&W's Mainstage vol. 1. As far as thematics go, the first disk fits the beach scene just fine. Consider this, many times beaches are known for fun, excitement, parties and sometimes, just chilling out. Then you need to include the fact that Trance in general tends to have faster beat patterns that other EDM genres, its common to have 135-150 bpm songs which is generally faster than House. So naturally, it isn't going to be something that will put you to sleep, for that, give Burial a listen. I'd also like to point out that the first disk is more relaxing and quiet than some of the previous ASOT albums, especially 2012. Finally, I have to comment on song selection, Electro-Trance is becoming one of the biggest things in EDM right now, and I am really happy that Armin chose to avoid some of that, sure disk 2 has a few of them but in general, it is all good progressive trance. Now, I admit cd 2 isn't nearly as good as the first but it does its job well enough. If you have any interest in this album, give a few songs a listen or listen on spotify. If you like what you hear, then buy it. Personally, this might be my favorite ASOT album. My personal favorite tracks are Nehalennia, Skylarking-such a chill song, lights, The Expedition-the first chunk is gold, Humming the Lights and Grotesque.