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  • Harlan Drum "lonely boy" - Extremely detailed and so far so goodI'm in the beginning phases of planning a thru-hike in '14. I'm just now preparing my resupply stops and with this book and some info from white blaze its pretty easy. A hell of a lot easier than prepping for the PNT.
    I really won't know how great this book is until I'm done with trail or, rather, when it's done with me, but I thought I would write that up to this point everything looks pretty good. I'll hopefully update this review in July.
  • momof3chiquitos - Truly works for intestinal infections!My mom had c diff. for almost 5 months and the only thing that helped her stomach get stronger and back to normal was Align. She had been on other probiotics such as Florastor which made her feel too bloated and made her stomach feel worse. Please keep in mind that it took a good 2- 3 months for Align to completely replenish the good bacteria that c diff had killed in her intestines so patience is needed. She had a bad case of c diff since the doctors didn't diagnose her right away. They gave her a different antibiotic for which they thought was a different bug that was making her sick. Ironically, it was this different antibiotic that made the c diff go almost out of control. I hope this helps!