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Yasmin Anuby - Danza del Ventre Trieste - L'insegnante Yasmin Anuby ti apre le porte de "Il Tempio della Luna" per introdurti alla magia della Danza del Ventre. Scopri i dettagli di corsi, workshops, spettacoli, seminari a tema ed eventi con l'eleganza, simpatia e professionalità che ci contraddistinguono da sempre.


Country: Europe, IT, Italy

  • Jack Holden - Eggers' best yetEggers is everywhere this year, from the recent release of his screenwriting debut "Away We Go" to his involvement with and upcoming companion novel to Spike Jonze's "Where the Wild Things Are". Somehow, it seems like his new nonfiction piece "Zeitoun" is getting kind of lost in the commotion. But make no mistake, this is Eggers' best literary work yet. He's come a long way since "AHBWOSG", and even since "What is the What", a book that is going to be constantly compared with "Zeitoun". To start with the differences: Zeitoun is third-person non-fiction, What is the What is a first-person autobiographical novel. Similarities: incredible subjects, incredible prose, and above-all, incredible stories. No doubt, Abdulrahman and Kathy Zeitoun's story is compelling by itself. Throw in Eggers' precise and empathetic writing style and you have an American classic. There is some criticism that a third-person account (as opposed to the first-person of What is the What) makes for a less vivid narrative, but here Eggers gets out of the way and lets the story shine through by itself. You won't be bogged down in wordiness or distracted by vagueness--this book is a page-turner, the story flows along very smoothly. Eggers' biggest strength is an ability to blend ideas with feelings, facts with emotion. Zeitoun is seamlessly intellectual and humanistic. He is also able to blend criticism with optimism, directing the reader's attention towards flaws in American culture while simultaneously focusing in on hope.
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  • Bill Fair - Great Book! Highly Recommend!I really enjoyed this book! This book has nothing to do with actual equipment.. it teaches you how to shoot video which is exactly what I was looking for. It teaches you to shoot video in short bursts and the book itself is written in a similar fashion (which I'm sure was intended) so you find yourself not losing focus. Learned a lot!
  • Jennie K. Pettigrew - love my new Keurig!!!Our office has a Keurig, but it is so big. I was looking for one that would look great in my kitchen. The mini blue Keurig is perfect. I am a tea drinker and I have never been able to make a good cup of coffee for my guests. This is no longer a problem with a multitude of Keurig k-cup choices. As a bonus, my teas have never tasted as good as they do now using the brewer. Thanks Keurig for a great little brewing machine. JKP, Georgia
  • E. T. Higgins "movie snob" - One button short of being perfectI found this remarkable flat screen at Best Buy for 1500.00 and just hooked it up today. As has already been stated, the picture this set produces after adjusting the settings is awesome. I just watched some scenes from the 3D movie Ice Age; It's the best 3D i've ever seen on a flat screen TV. Btw, i used the settings listed on an earlier post by PERFECT CR and the settings were Perfect. On a scale of 100 I would give this TV a 99. I'm deducting 1 point because the remote doesn't have an input button. One must use the menu to select the correct input. But don't let that minor quibble dissuade you from checking this fantastic TV out.One could pay a lot more and not get a flat screen this good.
    Now i'm just waiting to receive my OPPO 103 BR player and see what this beauty can do with a real 1080p signal.