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  • BarbieVA - Origreenic PanI love my pan! I will say that I was not happy after "seasoning", at first. The instructions stated to let it cool completely before wiping out excess oil. When I let it cool, it was terribly sticky! None of the oil would wipe out, and I had used a very thin coating. I decided to use it as it was and was glad I did! After the first use, it wiped completely clean. (I made bacon in it.) I have used it almost every day now for two weeks with no problems. I made an over easy egg, with no oil or butter added, and it did not stick and was perfect. I will be purchasing every size they have!Orgreenic Frying Pan - 12" Frying Pan
  • Goochy Spruce - Perineum fashionistaOn a perfect whimsical summer evening frolicking with the spouse, I found a perfect reason to use this product deeply stored in my medicine cabinet. The berries were awaiting the tongue thrashing they've long awaited for quite some time now. Besides the area started to resemble two semi-merged strawberry mochis dropped, or freshly hatched baby bird, under a barber's chair after cutting Pete Wentz's hair that somehow bent and squiggled before landing on a linoleum floor (I digress). After applying a coat of this magical potion to my plums, I quickly came to the assertion that in when dealing with such a sensitive area one should take the right precautions to protect the objects of one's gender. There is not a day that goes by that I wish I was more precautious in using such a caustic substance on my genitals. What once started as a cool sensation quickly turned to what felt like dipping one's own sack straight into a container filled with sulfuric acid mixed with an accelerator. As I attempted to extinguish the brush fire with water, the sensation, led by the trickling water, was voyaging to downtown browntown. This rapidly occurring phenomenon felt like burning gasoline furrowed by the incision of razor blade abruptly travelling to an area that once only felt the pain of a small razor nick. From that point, in my panic, I grabbed a thawing chicken from the refuse to aid in moderating the grease fire in my kitchen. There's no need to expand on the description on how badly decaying poultry mixed with burning flesh would be to one's olfactory cells, but I can go as far as saying the aroma was much like having gangrene on or near the anus whilst in the midst of defecating in a small wooden shack in the middle of the desert midday in August. Nonetheless, Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Crème works extremely well at removing those unsightly byproducts from your mammalian skin organ, if so desired, quick and discrete. This product has done an amazing job at keeping the jungle down under maintenance free for over a year. The doctor was so amazed on how well the product did that he, without a doubt, gave the prognosis that hair will never invade my undercarriage again. The scars for such an inexpensive permenant treatment were well worth paying less than $20 is well deserving of 5 stars from this satisfied customer.