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  • Converted to Kindle "Bert" - The Future of Reading!Kudos to you Amazon!

    I purchased the Kindle2 as an early birthday gift for myself. As an avid reader, I never thought I would like an e-book, but Kindle changed my mind forever. Like any consumer I had to do some homework.

    The price: I was very concerned about the price, I mean seroiusly, it is the cost of a low end laptop. Then I found out that most Kindle books are at least half the price and some are free so I realized that within a year it would pay for itself.

    Eye strain: Sometimes reading on my computer or laptop is hard on my eyes. When looking at a computer screen you don't blink as much as you would if you were reading a written page. Kindle is not backlit like computers and laptops so that saves on the eye strain. In addition, you can enlarge the text just like on your computer if that is a concern for you.

    Speed and ease of reading: I didn't think Kindle would be able keep up with me while reading, I didn't think that it would have a natural page turn flow until I actually saw one in person. You get to the point that you can just naturally advance the page without thinking about it. I think that I read much faster with the Kindle. Not only that, but if I put a book down, sometimes I lose the page I was on. Never again with Kindle. It remembers where you were and goes directly to that page. Not only that, you can bookmark and make notes on pages (also a great idea for school).

    Lack of Reading Material: I thought there wouldn't be enough books on Kindle to be worth while until I looked on Amazon.com and saw that there are hundreds of thousands of books. Magazines and Newspapers. I hope in time they will eventually have more text books.

    Wireless. The wireless connection is amazing. To my surprise, it was effortless. Sure there are some restrictions that you should look into before purchasing and Amazon does supply that information. Downloading books only takes a minute or less, and you can start reading immediately. All this without a wireless charge. You pay for the download, not air time. Now that's service! The wireless can also be shut off when you are not using it so it will also save on battery life.

    Portability: There were no concerns there, Kindle is completely portable and it goes everywhere with me. I am looking forward to when I travel, I can take my Kindle and not have to take 4 or 5 books. That will save me so much space.

    Battery Life: I am amazed at how long the battery stays charged, I usually have to charge it once a week. Much like my cell phone.

    There were a couple of downfalls, but nothing that would make me want to give up my Kindle, it doesn't have the feel of a book, but that is easily overcome by using a cover which I purchased. Now I just need a waterproof cover for poolside and tub reading! Amazon please work on that. Also, I would like to be able to download my books to my laptop to save as my own library. It would be great if it had a port for an SD card to even save the books on there. I know Amazon has an archive that I can delete the books and they if I ever want them I can go there and redownload them for free, but I still like a second source. Also, it would be great if it were made so that you could just get a software upgrade via USB port. Also I would like the library to be able to list books not only by Title, Author or Most Recent, but by Last Read also. Somtimes I have to go through 4 pages before I find the book that I was currently reading. Maybe that is a quick software fix that can be taken care of via USP patch?

    As I said before I think Kindle could revolutionize schools? Students would have a Kindle Account the school could tell them what text books to download and they would be set. No heavy text books to carry back and forth (saving on back strain). No forgetting a text book at school when they had a test to study for. Word Documents could be uploaded to their Kindle for about 10 cents a document. I also love the fact that there is a built in dictionary. Just scroll to the word you want and you will get an instant definition of that word. How great is that for kids? What an amazing piece of technology.

    I love my Kindle and I know you will love yours. I have recommended this product to everyone I know who reads!

    Thank you Amazon!
  • Macca - AwesomeOMG! I've just been on one of the scariest, most disturbing rides ever! What a nightmare - WOW!

    Annie O' Sullivan, a Realtor, heads out to show a house one summer afternoon. Near the close of the open house, Annie is abducted by a potential client, a stranger who drugs and transports her to a remote mountain cabin on Vancouver Island where he repeatedly beats, rapes, and terrorizes her. As the days and nights of her captivity begin to blur together, Annie is forced to conform to the whims of a psychopath, "The Freak", and to sacrifice parts of herself in an effort to survive. When she resurfaces a year later, it is as a shell of the person she used to be.

    Annie's story unravels in a series of sessions with her psychiatrist, each of which finds her recounting her struggles, both to endure her abductor's brutality and to regain a semblance of normalcy. These alternating series of events unfold in chronological order, which is an effective mechanism to show both the depth of Annie's despair and the significance of her progress.

    Still Missing succeeds because it is believable; the pace is superb. It also forces the reader to identify with Annie, however uncomfortably; we find ourselves wondering how we would fare in her horrendous situation, faced with a merciless captor.

    This book moves with the thrill of the very best page-turners, with an ending you just do not see coming.