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  • Floyd Goodrich "Jim G." - High tech heavenWe had an older set of Panasonic cordless telephones but with the bombardment of nuisance calls I wanted a phone I could block them. I've had this phone for four days now and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. It has dozens of neat features and all are easy to change if wanted. Blocking calls are very easy, about three button presses and the numbers get blocked. We have programed our incoming calls into three groups, family in group 1, friends in group 2, businesses and doctors in group 3. I assigned a different tune for each one so I know what group is calling. If the call isn't from a person in those groups it makes a regular bell ring and you know chances are its a nuisance call. This phone system has it all and I mean all you could want except Blu-tooth. With the ability to block 250 nuisance calls life should be better while trying to watch TV again.
  • lisa the wise - infertle no more!My husband and I have been trying to have a child for 3 years. We've been to doctor after doctor to no avail. One day Billy Bob came home wearing this shirt and I imediatley started to ovulate. well, after a whole 17 minutes of trailer rockin i knew I was pregnant! I now have three boys, Ace, Maverick, and sweet little Billy Bob Jr and I got my food stamps increased to boot! Thanks three wolf shirt!
  • Michael L. Sharp "health guru" - Must have for anyone with intestinal health issuesThis is one of the best books I have bought.
    If you suffer from IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) you should strongly consider making this your first purchase.
    There are lots of included recipes.
    I have just started to follow the guidelines set out in this book and have noticed an improvement in my IBD within a couple of weeks!
    Highly recommend.
  • Christine H - Love this Stroller!!I was on the hunt for an alternate stroller to my BOB...something light and easy to take in and out of the car for errands and for travel. After a lot of research I went with this stroller and I am so thrilled with it. It is so light and easy to fold up with one hand. Plus I love the oversized canopy which I did not find on a lot of lightweight options. It moves so easily and is so comfortable to use. And since it goes up to 55lbs. it should be the only stroller I need for my son. It's a great purchase and very reasonably priced.
  • Lou Espi - A terrific phone systemThis phone system provides everything we wanted, audio clarity, range, good pick-up quality when on the speaker-phone function. We have a detached workshop and while the range capability allowed reception out there, it was just on the margine. So I purchased the extender unit, installed it in the attic over the garage and can now talk almost anywhere on the property. The unit also has a great feature for blocking nuisance calls. A great product