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  • Olga Starr - In a word - BREATHTAKING!I have never reviewed a book before, but I had to for Humans of New York. I've been looking forward to this book for MONTHS, and had pre-ordered it - and it's even more amazing, inspiring, and heartrendingly beautiful than I even imagined. It's a treasure. I look forward to Brandon's posts on Facebook every day; they make me feel hopeful, and connected to humankind. This isn't so much Humans of New York as it is just HUMANS. As a professional portrait photographer, I adore the beauty of the photographs; each one tells a story in itself, and then the interviews dig deeper. I love the FB page and the blog, but seeing the photos in print and being able to flip through the pages is even better.

    Now that I own it, I will be buying one as a holiday gift for all the special people on my list so they can experience this magic too. I really hope that there will be another Humans of New York book soon! And please - BOOK TOUR!
  • Barkis - Quick, easy, and (once you customize it) familiar.My Windows 8 installation was on an older Dell desktop machine and went very smoothly. My experience with Windows 8 on this machine and on a new Toshiba laptop has been good: the OS is solid, fast, and at least as good as Windows 7, my all-time favorite Windows release to date. I won't bemoan the Metro interface (or whatever Microsoft calls it this week) -- if it was on a tablet it might be just fine. However you like it, one good option is to consider installation of ClassicShell. This open source project brings back the familiar 'Start' button and lets you customize the UI in other ways. For example, you can disable the hot corners that bring up the Metro tiles, boot right to the desktop instead of the Metro screen, and 'tweak' things to look more like Windows 7 (or earlier).

    Windows 8 was a good purchase and I am very pleased with the result on my upgraded desktop machine!
  • DJ Freestyle - Best Book Ever !!!!!!!!! Read The Book Or SUCKThis is the best book i have read on shooting video. It is straight to the point, self explained, great video tut. It has changed my way of shooting video by a 100% and that comes from a guy who works daily on a TV set. Best of all if you dont like to read like i didnt it gets you hooked so much that you would read it i a week and reread it the next week!! Great Job to Steve on knowing what the people want, need, and didnt know they needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!