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  • D. Donelson - Fantastic for stocksI trade stocks pretty regularly and used to spend days and days at the end of the year trying to get all the trades reconciled and reported in the IRS format. I finally decided to give this software a try and wow, am I ever glad I did! I could import the file from my Ameritrade account and in a few minutes Turbotax Premier had the whole Schedule D thing done and tying to my 1099. Then I could file electronically instead of having to print out pages and pages and stuff it all into the IRS envelope to mail. Highly recommended if you have a lot of stock trades to report. I know I will never use anything else. The cost of the software vs endless days of mind-numbing drudgery? No-brainer.
  • Megan J Etheridge - LOVE IT !I bought it for myself but my kids enjoy it just as much as I do !! I have all my stuff for work on it and can easily get things from my phone to tablet to computer and back....
  • K. Ward "Love to shop" - Everything I need, no lawyer feeThis has every thing i need in it. The reason I got it was to create a will. It includes: legal will, health care directives, powers of attorney, executor documents and final arrangements. It's a step by stepp interview that guides you through it. You don't have to know anything legal, it helps you with that and according to the state your in. Also explains how to get witnesses.
  • John Michael Godier - A book that deserves its popularityI tend to be rather skeptical of post-apocalyptic science fiction. It's a trendy genre that's overwhelmingly full of negative, unrealistic, cookie cutter quasi-copies of other stories that invariably require anti-depressants to finish. A quick look through the genre on Amazon shows a collection of works that come across much like South Park and killing Kenny; an exercise in how many ways the human race can die and leave a few survivors to stew in the aftermath amongst a climate of tween angst. If you're lucky, a vampire shows up in the end as a deus ex-machina and resolves all the plot holes. As such, my skeptical nature led me to put Wool off for months before trying it out. I regret having done that.

    As it turns out, Wool is the exception to the rule. The book is set in a believable moderately hard-sci scenario with an inventive plot that twists and turns and takes you into unknown territory throughout the story. The characters are relatable and interesting and there is no shortage of suspense throughout. The plot taps into deep vibes of what authority is, why social rules exist, and ultimately what happens when people feel they've been had by those memes. And then you're left pondering what happens when those memes are tossed out and something new must be started.

    Wool is a well-crafted book that delivers a page turner of a story. While it's not exactly the rosiest scenario for the future of humanity, it does bear a glimmer of hope for the future and suggests that something better could be. I give it an honest five stars, as it delivers well on all counts. I can't wait to move onto Hugh Howey's other work.
  • tgirl - Tons of Info and linksThis is a handy book with a lot of information--some of the stuff I already knew but there were other facts I knew nothing about (example: the term hypoallergenic is not regulated so basically it can be put on anything). I thought it would be mostly about Jessica promoting her Honest line of products, but she recommends many other brands, and you can tell she has researched this area thoroughly.

    One area I thought was lacking was regarding feminine hygiene which is something nobody wants to discuss I guess. Most of the cotton in tampons and pads are treated with pesticides, so I believe its important to find natural organic alternatives. I would also have liked to see a section on composting, recycling, etc.in the home section.

    I ordered a bundle which I have yet to receive, but I hope in the future she comes out with products such as makeup, and nail polish/remover.