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  • Sharon - A Great ReadIf you thought you knew this story think again. Complex characters, a true sense of being on the battlefield, and the resurrection of Meade-he is so often strangely absent in other books-all make for a terrific new telling of this piece of history. The description of Picket's charge is masterful. By this final tragic battle it was page turner that I couldn't put down. Not an easy accomplishment for a writer since we all know how it ended.

    I often avoid historical fiction because I feel uncomfortable with the assumptions made by the author however in this case the depth of the descriptions of scenes and characters felt strongly supported by facts. This book will clearly interest the history buff but I think it will appeal to any reader who loves a good story about the complex mix of flaws and strengths that make up the human condition.
  • Judyann G. Rowton "venus1995" - Breaking the vicious cycleAnyone who has ulcerated colitis really needs to get this book and try the diet because it does work. The natural way is always the best way if you can do it for there is no side=effects like you get from medication or operations.
  • Alexandra C. Z. Swafford - Gotta say I really am impressedI was researching for a new vacuum, have three Beagles and had not used an upright vacuum in years nor ever a bagless model. The 'price was right' and I ordered it.

    Delighted with the suction power and really like seeing all the dust, etc. picked up. Carpet felt and looked truly vacuumed. My old Panasonic canister had stopped working for a while, so it was not a fair comparison, but clearly worked very well.
    Took it up to my mother's house with an old wool carpet, and had to stop and empty the canister ever 10 square feet!

    I purchased a swivel head Shark for my home, and left this one at my mother's. The only real complaints are the smallish width of the head, the lack of terrific edging and that the machine is 'bulky' in front, so it does not go under furniture well; bangs quite a bit and is inconvenient.

    For an inexpensive vacuum, not worrying about bags, terrific suction...I am very pleased.
  • Full Expression - Just when I needed it!I was drawn to this book in the store just at a point when I had been abandoned by someone who I felt very attached to. I just couldn't stop obsessing with the thoughts about how we were going to eventually get back together. But I knew this was not healthy behavior and wanted to do something about it. This book and the information conveyed helped me see the destructive patterns I was engaged in with this guy and my contribution to my own unhealthy behavior. Furthermore, it described his and my behaviors to a tee, and explained why he/I had acted the way he/I did and the cycle and circle we were drawn to, the codependence and the fears that motivated us to be drawn to each other to attempt to heal those fears (each had the same fears, ultimately). I hope someday that he reads this book or finds out what this book has taught me about why I was drawn to find knights in shining armor, and he was drawn to the nurturing female. If we had been aware of these behaviors during our relationship, it might have even worked since as Mellody explains, even just one partner getting healthy can change everything. If you are a "romantic", but something is not working to keep you in love, then this book may provide some answers for you.