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  • charliefaye - Lower Your Taxes Big TimeWe order "Lower Your Taxes Big Time" every year. Everyone should have a home based business if they want to save money on taxes and this book will keep you on the straight and narrow.Lower Your Taxes Big Time 2013-2014 5/E
  • Dave - Nice upgrade from XPIt took me a while to decide whether to take the plunge and upgrade my OS because of all the negative reviews that I read here on Amazon. I decided to give it a shot because of the low online price on Microsoft's website that expires at the end of January. Previously I was running Windows XP Home Edition with service pack 3. I really appreciate the fact that Microsoft kept the desktop and mouse users in mind when they built it. Not all of my old programs were transferrable, which was a let down, but that's to be expected. My sound did not work after the upgrade but I was able to download a new sound driver through windows update and that fixed the problem. It takes some poking around to figure out how this OS works but it runs very smooth on my computer. I have 2Gb of RAM and the computer is using only 0.7Gb of the 2Gb with internet explorer running. I wouldn't say that the learning curve is too steep. I have used computers most of my life at home and work but I'm no computer technician and I'm getting along just fine. My only gripe is that some of the icons on my desktop are linked to Apps and the Apps seem only good if you had a tablet computer. For example, when I upgraded from XP, Adobe was erased. In it's place was an App reader which opened up the PDF files. The App reader doesn't resize, maximize, or minimize. If you don't like the Apps tied to your icons then download the original software used to run those files. Once I downloaded Adobe I was happy again as I was able to work with the files like I always had. You can easily switch from the tablet App look to the desktop look by clicking on the desktop app. I don't miss the start menu too much. Overall I am very pleased with the operation and look of this new OS system.
  • Karen B Mielke - Significant ImprovementI needed a new brewer. K-cup or V-cup? Agonizing choice. For me, there needed to be improvements that justified the increased price of the cups. They are real improvements, and more than I realized before I bought it. Here they are, in order of importance to me:

    1) More coffee from one V-cup. V-cups come in 2 different sizes: regular and travel mug. There's about 50% more coffee in the travel mug size. They are about 33% taller, come in boxes with fewer (12 rather than 16) cups, and will brew 12, 14, 16, and 18 oz. This is possible because the cups sit sideways and are punctured in two places on the top, one where water and air goes in to the grounds and one where coffee drains out. The cups are asymmetrical, so there is a little funnel on one side for the coffee to drain. Cool.
    Downside: will your tall 16 oz travel mug fit under the thing even with the platform pulled out? no. If it didn't fit with the K-cup machine, it won't fit with this one. Shorter, fatter ones (the ones that don't fit in the cup holders ...) will work fine. I use a 2 cup measuring cup and pour into my favorite 16 oz mug, just like before.
    Flip-side: You can make the base sit even higher, so your little short cups don't have a splash. Cute.

    2) Stronger coffee. There is a strong setting that results in the grounds being pre-wetted and then brewed slower. I can brew a 10 oz "dark magic" regular size cup on strong that is seriously strong, or a 12 oz regular size cup that is perfect to me. This machine pumps completely differently than the old machine. Smarter, more thoughtful brewing technology. Love it.

    3) Hotter coffee. My mother has an iron-lined mouth. Wants her coffee near boiling - she'll be thrilled next time she visits. This is adjusted in settings, not in the regular brew menu.

    4) Hinged lid on the front of the water tank - seriously, how long did this take? you can EASILY refill the tank without pulling the whole thing off, pulling the cover off, or pulling the unit out from under the cabinets.

    5) More options. You can make a latte. These come in 2 steps, so the boxes contain 8 pair of V-cups. The frothy milk is step one and the coffee is step 2. Again you can adjust the size of either. Looks right and tastes ok (I don't really like sweet coffee and the ones I have are "vanilla latte" which are sweetened. There are separate settings for tea and iced beverages, and separate v-cups specifically made for iced beverages. I don't know what it does differently because I don't like iced coffee ...
    Downside: Gonna have to wait, again, for more and more coffee options and for availability in the grocery. Target and BB&B have a nice selection, but no where near what the K-cup selection is. In reality, I end up using 2 or 3 types anyway, and the selection is good enough right now to satisfy me.

    6) Recyclable cups. Not my highest priority and a little futzy to remove the cover/grounds part, but I'll do it. They will certainly come out with a "my v-cup" in the near future for those who don't mind taking the convenience and making it less convenient. It is clearly do-able. Frankly, I never caught on to this. I love my keurig because I don't have to wash anything but my coffee cup and don't have to fuss with grounds. That's just me.

    7) Cool factor. Love the touch screen, though I am short and have to lean over a bit to see it well with the machine at the back of my counter.

    Happy I made the leap? Yep.
  • R. Garcia - When price is truly no object, audiophiles truly won't objectAll these sarcastic and negative reviews are utterly unfair to Denon. It's obvious that most if not all of these comments are being made by people who have never tried the cable, and who couldn't tell the difference between 8-track and vinyl if their life depended on it anyway. A true connoisseur never skimps on his equipment, and those few of us who truly appreciate end-to-end quality should thank Denon for providing the AKDL1, which is hands down the best high-end digital audio cable available. For those who know what makes great sound, these versatile cables are an invaluable investment which will provide more than a lifetime of flawless service.
    To give you an idea of the quality of these cables, I would like to point out that it's theoretically impossible to improve on the efficiency of connection this cable provides without removing every last atom of imperfection in the copper alloy used for the wiring. In fact, the only practical way to improve the alloy purity would be to eliminate the wiring altogether, and go wireless. Which would incidentally be cheaper, too. Much cheaper.