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  • scarygary - WILL ACCEPT 64 GB micro SD cards!Let me END the talk over whether or not the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 will accept the new 64 GB micro SD cards. In a nutshell, The TAB 2 WILL mount up and allow the use of the 64 GB card! I put one in MY TAB 2, did a quick check of the "storage" page in the "settings" menu, and THERE IT WAS, ready to use. If you get one, make sure that you TURN YOUR TABLET OFF before installing the card, then turn it ON normally to get the tablet to recognize it. The SANDISK 64 GB card is only $52 on AMAZON. Don't make the mistake of getting the cheaper ($22) no-name cards available on AMAZON! they are usually counterfeit, and likely do not have 64 GB of memory on them. If the no-name ones even load up, they pretty much always have CONSIDERABLY less memory than the amount stated in the AD. I bought a couple of 16 GB no-names once, and they actually had 2 GB on them, and constantly gave errors when transferring data. Stick with the name-brand and you can't go wrong!
  • Dayed - IT WORKS!! WOW!!!!ok i bought this last week and used it on a small flat mole on my shoulder. i scratched it with the emery board and the toothpick then applied the dermatend. It took 2 applications for it to scab. I then applied the quick healing balm everyday to it.

    I was worried because a ring of skin around my mole had formed a crater that went into my skin while the mole remained the same position so it looked like my mole was a volcano. I thought i was going to be left with a crater in my skin when it was all over but after 6 days the whole scab fell off including the depressed skin and what was under all of it was newly formed skin!! I was so amazed that after how bad the mole and the skin around the mole looked, after it fell it revealed fresh pink skin.

    The mole also never looked scabbed i wasn't expecting it to work at all because the mole looked the same throughout the whole process. I was really only waiting for it to heal then apply it again because it didn't look like it was working at all but in the end it actually did!

    It just fell off a few minutes ago and what im left with is a little pink spot of new skin. No crater or anything. Im sure it will heal with time.

    Overall, this is a GREAT product and IT WORKS!!!!
  • Seaguy99 "Treasure2" - Used for skin tagI used this product to remove a small to medium sized skin tag. It was the grossest thing I've ever done in my life , but it worked. It probably wasn't the best method, but it froze the tag enough to where it killed the skin cells. I was hoping it would freeze enough where I could rip it off easily. Let's just say I had to resort to scissors.....

    Healed nicely, wiped with iodine wipes, to make sure there was no infection.
  • Bookaholics Reviewer - The hero was a combination of Robin Hood and Zorro -so sexy!Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt
    Historical Romance -June 26th, 2012
    4 1/2 stars

    As the forth in the author's Maiden Lane series, Thief of Shadows centers around a home for orphans in the poor and treacherous streets of London. Full of heart and dramatic romance, Elizabeth Hoyt only gets better!

    Winter Makepeace lives austerely and strictly. He fights to avenge and protect those who are underprivileged in the dark and dangerous streets of London. By day, he is the aloof and stern Master of a foundling house devoted to protecting and caring for orphans. But by night, he plays a dangerous game with his life as he prowls the streets saving the unfortunate as the masked Ghost of St. Giles. However, his exploits have made him a target for the law. Winter's life is further complicated by the lovely and vivacious Lady Isabel Beckinhall, a fluttery socialite who has far more depth and perception that he is comfortable with. She has been named his `mentor' to help him polish his image since his position as Master of the orphanage is in jeopardy. But Isabel soon discovers his secret. To complicate matters further, a dangerous group in St Giles has been stealing young girls. Winter must risk his life, reputation, and a budding love on his quest to rescue them.

    I could not stop reading this story! I have been anticipating Winter's story and was not disappointed. Winter is an idealist with strong convictions and is clever enough to help those in need. That he is the mysterious masked man who saves the day makes him a very compelling and dashing hero. He was a combination of Robin Hood and Zorro -so sexy! And Isabel felt a little bit like Maid Marion, a strong woman who discovers his identity and will sacrifice herself to protect him even as she tries not to fall in love with him. Winter's passionate nature is only expressed as the masked Ghost. But is soon unleashed with the tempting and alluring Isabel. HOT! His intensity for justice and his final capitulation to let himself love Isabel were heartwarming and mesmerizing to read. I have not read such a worthy hero in years and cheered when he found happiness. I also enjoyed reading about the wealthy and independent Isabel. She knows her own mind and finds an unexpected attraction to a younger man of little wealth and no title throws her view of her life totally off balance. But in the end, these two characters are meant for each other.

    Touching, romantic, and unforgettable. The Thief of Shadows is a book to remember and re-read! I loved the tension between the main characters as a clever Isabel suspects Winter's true identity and Winter tries to hide his affection for Isabel to protect her from his dangerous life.

    Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club