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  • AlanL - Jettison Relativism & ReligionIn this book Harris argues that science can establish universal values cross-culturally, and claims that the "is-ought" distinction is a needless constraint on human thought. After reading this book, I agree. Harris argues from intellectual authority - his end-notes eat up approximately 40 pages, as does his bibliography. Even the end notes are interesting to read.

    Also interesting are his descriptions of how our moral intuitions often fail us. He details the bizarre and troubling "genocide neglect" phenomenon, and regales us with the always interesting philosophical trolley problems. If a god does provide us with our moral intuitions, then she's has a weird sense of humor.

    Beware the section on psychopathy, as Harris leaves little unsaid. It is not gratuitous, but it is detailed, and it gave me nightmares.

    Even though some of the subject matter is difficult, there is a reason to hope: i.e. we can jettison relativism and the dogma of religion. Harrison articulates difficult concepts clearly and without needless jargon. And while this is not the final word on this subject, it's a great beginning.
  • thar757 - A True Game-ChangerI will not be crude, but will be direct. This product is up there with aspirin and statins as one of the top medications of all time. Simply put, I was almost constantly constipated, with intervals of 3 or more days between BM's. When I had one, they were extremely hard, thus both painful and toilet clogging. Since I have started taking Align, I have been regular and with normal texture. Also, I do not feel as bloated, thus I feel better (actually back to normal). I am 54 and thus my problems prior to taking Align were somewhat expected. This product is one I would highly endorse.