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  • texas music lover "tex" - blue dog rocksThis is a great selection of Georges past art. It is large enough to view comfortably across a room without dominating a wall. This is a rare opportunity for Blue Dog fans to have a cheap cool piece of art. G. Rodrigue does not often license low end art for sale. The quality of the prints are very nice. Plenty of room to write in events on the calender pages. Thank you George!
  • Andrew - This book seriously saved me!I'm in my mid 20s and never had any major injuries before. I actually thought myself to be quite durable. Then one day after a long tiring day at work, I went to the gym and got sloppy on my Dead Lift form. I felt a spike in my back and I rushed home to rest. I couldn't get out of bed without extremely sharp lower back pain and this lasted for months! Over time, the pain would radiate towards my left hip and down to my left knee.

    I went to my chiropractor a handful of times to get adjusted, went through Electric Muscle Stimulation and massage, used an inversion table for months on a regular basis, and even incorporated yoga into my routine. Basically, I did a LOT of stuff to try to reverse the pain (and was super diligent about it too!) and I was met with some success. Actually, the inversion table helped me relieve quite a bit of pain, but throughout the day I would feel fatigued and the pain continued to linger on and it wasn't always fun to hang upside down for 15 minutes at a time. To this day I don't know if it's a muscle strain, a herniated disc, or something else--I couldn't afford an MRI and quite honestly, I was afraid that the doctor would tell me I needed surgery. Finally, when I thought I was getting better, the pain hit me sharply again out of the blue (I was just getting up off the couch!). I had to try one more thing before opting for the MRI and possible surgery.

    I stumbled upon this magic book, and it's totally changed my life! I read and practiced the first 3 steps, and within 4 days the pain was almost gone! At that point, I felt probably 90% healthy. There was some tightness in my hip still and my back was sore from a year of inactivity, but over time that gradually went away. Now I am probably 97% healthy and I'm back to exercising and playing sports again! The great thing about this book is that it's very easy to read and follow, the exercises are EASY PEEZY compared to yoga and inversion, and the author doesn't try to gimmick you into buying extra stuff. She actually does have products that you can purchase, but she shows the household items you can use FIRST before showing you her products.

    Honestly, I haven't gone past step 4 yet, but I intend to soon and will provide an update after. Super recommend!
  • Orbital - Very classyI have to say, I kinda thought the calendar was a little boring at first, but I really don't think so anymore. A lot of calendars just seem cheesy and stupid looking compared to this. This actually makes my apartment look a little better. If your place is nicely decorated, I would suggest this calendar to keep the look of your place consistent. The pictures are very nice, the calendar is big and there is a lot of space to write in the blocks. The calendar is not stapled together, so the pages are going to lie very flat on the wall, which is what you want.
  • Gene Cloner - Less cluttered interface and fairly faster than 2011Norton woke-up in 2009/10 making the interface user-friendly and its signature updates running in the background making the software less resource-hogging. It's continuing the same trend this year (NIS2012) with a little less cluttered interface - meaning most features automated for the novice user, but you have to dig in deep to make advanced changes. It works well with Windows7 as well as Win XP if you care (I don't have Vista - so cannot comment about that).

    1. Installation: As in the recent versions of NIS, installation was a snap. It took under 2 minutes, but needed a restart. If you have existing license for NIS, download the update from support -> check for new version menu item from within NIS. You can update the license number from the disk later when your license is about to expire. In previous version(s), NIS overwrote existing license period if you upgraded from disk. I havent checked it on this version (I still have about 90 days left, too risky!!).

    2. Interface: The main interface is less cluttered, but a new addition is a big status window (floating gadget) on the upper right corner of your screen with large buttons for different menus. Most buttons on these menus are for other Norton products unrelated to NIS (annoying). For example button for on-line back-up (costs extra!) or mobile protection for android (free), parental control (free) etc. I havent found an easy way to get rid of this yet! (Alright! It's easy. There is a close button next to it and if you close it, it does not reappear after a restart).

    3. Setting up: Most of the settings are done by default and should be fine for the average user. For example how often to scan your computer, what time of the day, which files to allow to connect to the internet etc. If you need advanced settings, most of those are just a couple of clicks away and mostly easy to find. There are some menu items that could have been done better. If you had existing trusted network information from previous NIS, those are retained which is good.

    4. Security: As in previous versions, NIS was good at detecting most of the commonly bothering cookies and adware. Everytime you download a file, it is checked for viruses and if it is from a trusted website and there is a pop-up saying it is clean. Similarly, like previous versions, Norton safe search marks results from google searches as safe or not. you can check website security by looking for norton trusted symbol e.g. bank sites or amazon.com - that way you wont enter your password in a phising site.

    5. What's new? Like mentioned above the annoying floating gadget is new. The primary interface is less cluttered but at the same time advanced settings are easily accessible from different menus. The new version does appear to be a little faster than 2011. might be significant on older systems.

    Overall, very good protection with minimal resource usage.
  • techniRome - Your Best SupportI work at Geek Squad and have sold this product to many- no every customer. I explain that it is the newest Webroot and they have gone to the clouds with the virus definitions, so it is always up to date and super fast at scanning (2 minutes). They ask if I have it on my pc. I explain I do - and I love it!