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  • julie - total transformationThis program is an excellent tool to assist parents in raising children. There are so many key points. It is so helpful to have CDs, videos, and a workbook to progress through the program. It is so easy to apply to every situation that comes along. It is definitely a tool. I need to continue to use the tools to help TRANSFORM my childrens behavior.
  • R - Truly baffling..OK, so I feel like I need to put a little backstory. So I have always been sweaty. But it always starts on my upper lip. ALWAYS. So I start sweating on my upper lip, even though I don't feel hot. I then start to sweat on my forehead, head, neck and so on. I am then uncomfortable just from sweating on my face, I start to sweat even more. I went to my doctor hoping to get some kind of answer or maybe even Botox.. (I had heard it blocks sweating glands) however I am not even mid 20's and was worried about using something like Botox that early for only sweating. So I gave up and thought I must just need to work out more often. That didn't work so I went to the internet. I found this and read the reviews. I only wanted this for my face. Someone said it worked but only for a week but I figured that one week would be better than none. Well, I only started this 5 days ago. So far my results are what everyone else is saying, which is no sweating but maybe a little "dampness." I truly cannot put it into words.. I have gone my ENTIRE life with being the only person in the room who is sweating in a not so hot room when everyone else will make comments on how they are not hot or how they are even cold! I had low expectations so I put it to the test. I went to the mall. Different stores, outside and inside, different temperature.... NO SWEAT!! I though it must be a cool day and I won't even get the real results.. it was 80 degrees out.. not a big deal for most but I am one who can sweat doing NOTHING at 70.. Again it has not been a week but my job is very physically active and I still have not sweated. However I do have VERY sensitive skin to the point where only one skin treatment plan will work for me. I won't know for a couple of days or so if I will break out from this and/or if it will keep on working past the week mark. I will update on this because if anyone else is living the way I was a week ago, I soo want to just hand this to you and say try it.. it's worth a try once.