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  • Belinda Poree' - Just Like My Mom Said, Heal Yourself From The Inside OutTwo and a half years ago, my daughter and I were diagnosed with a mild case of eczema. I went looking for natural remedies. I was attracted to the title of this book as well as the photos on the back. It looked like the patches on my face and arms. I saw that there was a chapter on eczema as well. I followed the diet recommendations for Psoriasis and it didn't take long to notice the difference. I did the 3 day diet and made revisions for my daughter to benefit because she couldn't do it fully (she only weights 99 lbs). I also made lotions and body oils with the peanut oil Dr. Pagano suggested and other herbs. Along with the diet change, the peanut oil mix just seemed to lift off the dried reddened skin and reveal healthy skin. After I washed it off I didn't see the patches as clearly and after about 2 months, they were not even red anymore. All I could see was the darkened skin where they once were, then that evened out with lots of cocoa & shea butter. If it wasn't for this book, I'd still be wearing a ton of foundation make-up and ashamed to show off my skin in the summer and I'd be embarrassed whenever someone looked at the patches on my face. I was always afraid that they could see under the make-up. Our skin is smooth and clear now. No more itching and no more red patches. Thank you Dr. Pagano. ~Blu
  • Tom Burger - Bought it for a friendThe author thoroughly revises this book every year to account for the ever evolving methods of companies finding good candidates and the development of new tools for finding a new job or modifying one's career. My friend tends to shun advice and help, but in a weak moment, and with nothing else at hand for her to read, she picked it up almost a month after delivery. I just got a call with those wonderful words we all love to hear, "Your were right and I was wrong." Of course the acid test will be to see if she works the exercises and actually discovers a more rewarding line of work, or at least finds a more rewarding role in the work she currently does, which is medical billing. My advice to everyone else? Don't get into medical billing.