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  • monkijohnni - Great mouth washMy wife told me that my breath was getting a little ripe by the end of the day, and that really upset me. I hate talking to people with bad breath and I really didn't want to be one! This stuff seems to work great! Taste was a little strange at first, but I got used to it (just not sweet or minty like most mouth washes).

    Now I have been using this for almost exactly a year (it is much cheaper to buy on Amazon), and I have had no complaints from my wife about my breath. I rinse with is in the morning and night (in combination with brushing teeth, flossing, and better tongue brushing). Every now and then, I'll use my wife's normal mouth wash, just so I attach the bacteria from a couple angles.

    Probably the best indication that it is working is that I now notice my wife's bad breath. I've tried to hint that she should try it, but haven't made any traction yet...

    I really recommend this stuff, and I am usually really skeptical about "different" products.
  • Ann B. Keller "Ann B. Keller" - Fabulously ImprobableThis is the story of the dazzling young starlet, Dee Moray, whose unfortunate encounter with Richard Burton leaves her forever changed. At first, they explain that Dee is apparently dying of cancer and she escapes to the remote Italian village of Porto Vergogna for the duration of her illness. There, the kindness of Pasquale Tursi, the innkeeper, impresses the young American woman and a strange friendship begins to blossom.

    A visiting doctor suspects the truth about Dee's strange "illness," but Dee has already been changed by her brief stay in the vintage hotel. Here, life and death seem poised on the brink of a precipice, where virtue and kindness are weighed against gluttony and avarice.

    The ending is interesting and thought provoking. Intense introspection is the crowning achievement of this rare novel. Read it - and be forever changed.