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  • Ashley A - I was skeptical but it really works!I noticed I had a breath problem but was not sure of how to deal with it. Initially I would chew gum, eat mints, etc. Until I realized that it just came right back. So I started researching and it came to Therabreath and Smartmouth. I ultimately decided to try Therabreath since it is all natural and cheaper. I honestly didn't believe it would do anything significant. But man does it work. My boyfriend of 6 years noticed a difference and he is very pleased... As am I. I like that it does not have a harsh taste or burning sensation. I brush and use it in the morning and at night. Now my breath isn't minty fresh all day ling, but it never smells bad to where I feel like I need gum, even after eating. Try this product. I'm sticking with it!
  • Selenne - First Aid Step 1I liked the book because is going to help me to pass my US medical boards and it's a very summarized but complete review about basic medical sciences.
  • N. Rogers - An Honest but Tasteful Account of HorrorI don't understand why some people gave this book such bad reviews, although the overall average for reviewers on Goodreads was a little over 4 stars. Elizabeth Smart tells of her unbelievable experience while held captive and literally helpless for 9 months at the age of fourteen. I listened to the audiobook which she narrates herself, giving the emphasis and tone SHE wants each sentence to have. I generally enjoy books that are presented by professionals more than those in the author's voice, but in this case I felt it added a lot to hear Elizabeth tell her own story in her own voice.

    I have seen this remarkable young woman interviewed several times, and she impressed me enough that I wanted to find out how she had overcome her horrendous ordeal. She tells her story clearly, honestly, but with amazing taste. Others have complained that she did not provide enough "gory details," but this is one of the qualities that sets her book apart from the sensational "tell all" books out there. She doesn't shrink from explaining what happened to her and how she felt about it all. There was no doubt in my mind what kind of abuse and humiliation this young girl was subjected to for nearly a year of her life. She was isolated from everyone, tied to a tree, often starved, raped and threatened daily by her captors. But she makes this apparent without ever losing her dignity or self-respect in the telling.

    Yet Elizabeth has come through all of it with gratitude for her family, her community, her faith, and the help of everyone who even attempted to find and help her. She is clearly aware of what her kidnappers took from her and what they did to her. She describes her fear for her own life and the lives of her family. I came away with a clear understanding of why she did not cry out for help during the few times she came in contact with law enforcement during her captivity; her fear was overwhelming and debilitating.

    Elizabeth also explains how her religious faith sustained her through this terrible time and showed her a path to recovery. Yet she insists that this does not have to be the way for others, giving profound hope for those who do not share her beliefs. I appreciate and respect that openness. This young woman has chosen to use what she learned through tribulation to assist those whose lives have been shattered by abuse and torture; and she has made a conscious decision to be happy herself. She considers those dreadful nine months of her life to be but a small fraction compared to the joy she has experienced during the other 24 plus years she has lived. She serves as an inspirational model to us all. This is a book that more than exceeded my expectations and I recommend it without qualification to others.
  • J. Walton - It's perfect for apartments.The first and most obvious question - does it work as a vacuum?

    Yes. It's not what you would expect from a 400 dollar upright corded vacuum, but it's much more powerful than you would ever expect from a hand-held with an attachment. I'd say that it's on a par with corded 150-200 dollar vacuums I've used. It absolutely blows my old cheap 70 dollar target special bagged upright away. The first few days I was emptying the dust canister every few minutes as it sucked up stuff the old vacuum missed.

    I live in a 650 square foot apartment with three cats and one other human being. 20 minutes, even with the occasional use of the max power setting, is more than enough to do the house and furniture daily. Even when I forgot to plug it in (prior to mounting the dock on the wall) I was able to do repeated touch-ups around the litter boxes and still have excess power.

    Of course, there's no cord to drag around through the furniture. It's hard to explain how light and easy to maneuver it is, getting deep under furniture and cabinet edges without effort once you get used to using it.

    Now, to be fair, it's a little awkward at first if you've never used this sort of vacuum. There's a tendency to want to push down that's hard to overcome, and pushing down just gets it stuck. My spouse complained that the trigger is hard to keep down, but with use that seems to be less of a problem. Either hand strengthening...or it's breaking in.

    It's all you need in an apartment or small house. If you have a bigger place, you may still get a lot of use out of it, running around bedrooms and tight areas doing the daily vacuuming. I wouldn't want to rely on it to do huge empty 500 square foot living rooms, though. The head is just too small, the dust canister only holds about two cups of debris, and the battery is not unlimited. For large households with a lot of traffic, a deeper cleaning corded vacuum may still be a good idea for very heavily trafficked areas.

    We originally purchased the DC35 animal (the old model) at a local store. The carpet tool simply could not pick up clumps of cat hair on a slick surfaced rug. It was utterly defeated, even after 5-6 trips across. In use on the carpet and tile, we had to repeatedly hit the "max power" button to accomplish ordinary cleaning, reducing the run time to more like 8 minutes.

    Luckily, we spotted the DC44 when we went to return the DC35. We researched it, and decided to give it a shot.

    It retains every feature we liked about the DC35. It takes almost no space, mounting to an unused bit of wall behind the trash can. It feels surprisingly light, and is as well balanced as they say. It is a huge upgrade from the DC35 as a basic vacuum cleaner, though. It is absolutely worth it to get this model instead of the DC35, unless you really just want a hand vacuum with extensions. The DC35 does not do the job as a primary replacement for an upright.

    Dyson says the DC44 carpet head "has 100% more power" than the DC35. I'd say it works about 50% better in real life situations, but that's all the boost it needed.

    The even better news is that parts, while not exactly cheap, are not hugely overpriced. You can replace the wand for 30, the power head for something like 90, the battery for around 75 That makes this a real long term investment, not something to chuck out in 3-5 years when the battery life fades or it gets stepped on.

    I have only one complaint, and it makes me wish that Amazon allowed half stars. As great as this vacuum is, it's not quite worth 400 bucks, and I strongly suspect the price will be dropping once the "just released" buzz fades.

    Wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or just keep an eye out for deals. So far I've seen it marked down as low as 360, and I've seen it offered at 400 with a 60 dollar additional extension kit thrown in. Those are both much better deals for what you'll be getting. With the dust tool and the flexible hose, it's great for taking out to the car for a quick detail job.

    I'm not at all sorry we bought it, but I do wish we'd waited a bit. Forty bucks fills my gas tank.
  • M. Lutchmedial - I Love it!!I enjoyed thus system alot!. I got it at a great price on Black Friday.When i finished infamous 1 & 2 and about to start uncharted only to realise Uncharted 1 case present but Cd missing.Email Amazon and being an A Class service offered me a rebate for the missing CD. Thats why I will only buy on Amazon.