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  • R. A. Wittas "rebegirl" - Relief at lastI have been taking colon health for about a week and I must say that it is great. I have terrible hemorrhoids left over from pregnancy and I have also developed an anal fissure (TMI sorry). I was having terrible constipation which was making my condition worse. After taking Philips Colon Health for about 2-3 days, my BMs have been regular (even at about the same time each day) and I feel like I am beginning to heal.
  • lubna - Really great tablet!Cant believe people gave it a lot if bad reviews, I live my tablet its awesome♥ and I love the new software, its now like galaxy 4 phones.
  • The Good Wife - Bind me up! Tie me down!This binder is a life changer! I've gone from being a free-spirited round-eyed woman to a submissive and obedient Asian girl-wife. Even when my husband doesn't beat me, this binder keeps me in line and reminds me of my place. When those rings SNAP close, I snap into line. I honor this binder with all my heart.