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  • Rick Medugno "Ricomandog" - Fit like a charm!This Install kit fit my 2003 Ford Explorer perfectly. Direction for install were okay, but could have explained the kits assembly better. Seems to be tough/thick plastic, my new Kenwood receiver also fit nice and snug, and the removable face plate functions without a problem. Would buy again from American International.
  • Joyiam - Lifesaver!I was living a lonely, haunted life; unable to write a legible word; going to doctor after doctor; subjecting myself to horrible painful test after test...all to no avail. The doctors finally determined that it was just because I was a woman and that my place was in the kitchen...writing was better left to the men.

    I had just about decided that I had no choice but to accept this horrible ghastly plight that life had dealt me, when BIC came to my rescue! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You Bic! Because of you and the new "BIC Cristal for Her" I can finally write and legibly too!

    Who knew that I did not suffer from some serious deformity or genetic defect? It was all due to being forced to use a bulky man pen all my life! All those doctor visits, the medical tests, the lobotomies...all for naught!! It was just because my dainty woman's hands are not designed for ungainly men pens!

    Please help get the word out to women everywhere! Because of BIC and the new "BIC Cristal for Her", we may be able to save many women from suffering through the horrible fate that I did before "BIC Cristal for Her" came to my rescue!