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Tufts Medical Center | A world-class hospital in Boston, MA - Tufts Medical Center is a world-class academic medical center conveniently located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, home to both a full-service hospital for adults and Floating Hospital for Children.


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City: 78682 Round Rock, Texas

  • Loving Mom - Saving my family's sanityParenting a child with behavioral and emotional disorders is a huge challenge that only parents of other defiant children can truly appreciate. But we know that inside our kids really are great kids. And we really are great parents. We owe it to our beautiful, talented, amazing kids to learn all we can about helping them tame their inner turmoil. Total Transformation is the best tool I've found yet to help me do this! The techniques are custom tailored for kids that don't fit into the normal box of discipline. Aren't you sick of discipline not working?! Total Transformation will tell you why it doesn't work and will also show you what does! Combined with the newsletters and the hotline, WOW! I finally feel like I'm equip to parent my child. I see my child now the same way as a mother of a diabetic child. I know what will cause him to feel worse and better. I know it is up to me to steer him clear from things that make him worse and to give him the "medicine" of calmness, understanding, and good consequences. If you're struggling with the decision to invest in this program, I hope my testimony will help you make an informed decision. I know what it's like to be a dazed and confused parent longing for peace in the house. And I also know the powerful calm and unexpected delight when your normally crazy kid acts with temperment and obedience. I would not have had many of these later experiences witout Total Transformation.
  • Elsa D. Claverie - Still CreatingI found this book several years ago and recommended it to a friend, a struggling artist who couldn't seem to find the color yellow. She got to chapter eight before the elusive color found her, and she went on to create beautiful murals and ceilings for celebreties and football players(Jim Kelly, for one.) She got sick, and asked me if I knew who she could speak to, as Doctors didn't seem to know what was wrong. I suggested a woman I had heard of through the grapevine, but P.K. never got to see her. My lesson was that I had known of the book, and of the woman for years, but never thought about others being interested, or of helping them find it. This book is for anyone who wants to get in touch with the the divine gift of creativity in any form. P.K., I have learned. And for those who want to know who the woman was who probably would have saved P.K.'s life, read, "Forget The Cures, Find The Case," by Rayna Gangi
  • George from Philadelphia - Finally a story that needed to be told! Christmas is all but ignored in the USA!Finally a story that needed to be told! Christmas is all but ignored in the USA!
    The first time I realized there was a war on Christmas was when I did not hear the first Christmas song until November 1. What happened to October? Then I noticed that gas stations, run by terrorists, were open even on Christmas day! Why were they not in church?
    As a white middle age male, who was raised Catholic, I am offended that I cannot force people of other beliefs to share by beliefs and wish them a Merry Christmas and have them wish it back, AND MEAN IT!!!
    Plus our whole office closes for a week. Why am I expected to have my faith questioned like that? All the other faiths get their time off and everything closes for them.

    Palin 2015!
  • Jaylia3 - Wonderfully realized dystopian thrillerCia's country needs new leaders and as a recent graduate she hopes to be one of them. To do so she has to be chosen for and then pass The Testing so she can attend university in the capital city of Tosu, but no one from her home has been selected for many years, including her very talented older brother. Cia and her family live in The Five Lakes Colony of the United Commonwealth--the area that used to be known as the Great Lakes region but is now slowly recovering from the world wide environmental disaster caused by the Seven Stages War. When Cia is chosen she thinks her father will be happy, after all he went through The Testing himself, but instead he talks of danger and warns her to trust no one.

    If you've read The Hunger Games you'll notice that The Testing has many similarities, but Charbonneau seems to specialize in taking inspiration from others and writing a story that is at least as good as the original. Her skating rink series is a case in point--its characters and witty banter read like they have been influenced by Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books, but the stories are fresh and better than the more recent, wearing thin offerings in the Plum series. As good as The Huger Games is, I enjoyed The Testing more. The premise makes more sense to me--instead of it being part of some purely sadistic surrender terms, the trials the young people go through in The Testing are to be selected for college and leadership positions. They are over the top trials, but there is some reasoning behind them, misguided as it is. And I love vividly written, the post-catastrophe Midwest setting. Cia is both capable and caring and makes a good main character, but though it's a five star book for me I might have liked the story even more if a budding romance hadn't dictated many of her actions.