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  • DancinDoc - Stimulate the SensesI was using the 2010 & 2011 versions before this came out. I've done some research on memory techniques and it is very important to include as many senses as possible to make more neural connections & stronger memories. Seeing the diagrams in color has helped me tremendously. I also love that there are colored images right next to the diseases. In the older version you had to keep skipping to the back to see the 20 or so pages that were colored images. I ended up never looking at them. I love the new color one.

    Anyone know if the errata has come out yet?
  • Denis Ables - A good summaryThis book prepares you for what you should do next, if not already done. Read McCabe's bible on oxygen / ozone therapy entitled "Flood your Body with Oxygen". I have no doubt that McCabe should get more than a little credit for the numerous doctors and other specialists now using (perhaps even specializing) in oxygen / ozone therapy.