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  • Santeria "Son of Tazz" - Excellent CreationEver since I found Easy CD Creator 4, I knew that I was on to a great product, and as Roxio bought it, took away elements, then developed these with separate versions, it has finally come together in a way that is more than the sum of its parts. About the only thing that I could suggest someone to buy in addition to this product, is the 4 main SLYSOFT.COM products that complement ROXIO CREATOR.
    Roxio now lives and Breathes the Multimedia suite to the fullest extent since version 7 or 9.
    The way music ( more properly, audio in this case), photos of all sorts, Videos ( of very MANY sorts), and the Burn to Backup or burn to alternate disc, makes this is a real necessary supplement.The editing tools that this suite possesses just surpass almost all others outside of the AVID video suite, and whilst you can do 3D, its kind of ho hum. Especially if you combine this with Slysoft, you will realize the useful roles this utility can play.
    I tested this on a number of platforms, and whilst XP Pro had the easiest time, it does need more memory for standard systems. Vista is a workable item if you really must, but where you better test it before hand is on the Windows 7 Systems. Whilst Windows 7, 32 bit is mostly good, you can get some very good function from Windows 7, 64 bit, but be very careful with ATI cards, AMD Chips, and Acer, as well as ASUS systems that can stop you dead within the first 3 minutes of install. If you can work out a compatible driver package, if you HAVE to use Windows 7, then it works extremely. XP Pro, with Boosted Memory and great Chips make it go very well.
  • Cali girl - Finally something that really works!!!I have struggled with BV since I was a teenager. I would try just about anything to cure my BV. I have consulted multiple doctors to help me with my problem. I have taken flagyl more than enough times. The Flagyl cures the infection only for it to come right back. I have taken flagyl so many times the smell of it makes me sick. I refused to take flagyl anymore I decided I would just deal with the problem. I looked on line and found some probiotics that deal with that problem. The probiotics helped a little but just a little to finicky to use. I would have to go through this whole regimine if I had an out break. I still found that better than flagyl. I know the things we go through just to be comfortable.I came on Amazon to reorder some more probiotics when I ran across the water works product.I bought one and after the first use I was thrilled a day had passed no symptoms. It has been a little under 2 months and I have been very happy with this product. I even bought one for my best friend. My confidence has been restored. I feel good about my self. I can finally be confident with my body. Thank you so much for loving women enough to develop this technology.

    WaterWorks Natural Vaginal Cleansing System
  • J. Pankow - I was skeptical too... just order it!!If you have a sick baby who can't sleep because their poor little nose is so clogged they can't breathe you will be SO GLAD you bought this product. If you are totally grossed out by having to use one of those nasal aspirator bulbs and fight your baby to stay still while you suck the boogies out of their nose you will AMAZED.

    This ingenious little device attaches to your vacuum hose and within seconds you have sucked the boogies out of their cute nose and into the collector. Barely a fight, barely a cry. Instant clear!! LOVE IT. My daughter started day care 2 months ago and she's been sick twice. Our pediatrician said we can expect her to be sick about every 4-6 weeks her first year in day care so this product will be coming in super handy in our household!

    Note: Be sure you are checking out the product guidelines for vacuums and checking your own before using. You don't want to be sucking her or his little brain out the nose with the boogies!!
  • Ronald Hinton - You need a plan of attack and maintain it.Remember, this product also removes the good bacteria.

    You should take digestive enzymes to restore digestion. I take Papaya Digestive Enzymes. This avoids a queezy feeling and runny bowel movements. Your waste should be solid and torpedo shaped. The darker and smellier it is, the older it is. Until you pass a light brown bomber that does not smell - your cleansing program is not complete.

    Also, expect to become constipated again soon - because you have scrubbed your intestines with this product and the waste tends to cling. Get addicted to drinking a lot of water before you rise from the bed while cleansing. It seems to help to be horizontal for a few minutes when you wake up, having downed 4-6 capsules the night before. Let that large dose of morning water run through you.

    Suddenly you feel the bathroom urge. It may seem intense at first. The product may take a few days to kick in. Take 4 in morning, four at night. Take more if you are a large person. Keep it up. Develop the morning water deluge habit to avoid dehydration in the colon.

    You'll have to keep taking it in smaller doses once you are cleaned out. Your nose will run the moment your pipes are clear. This is the body re-lubricating the intestines. You'll feel great and even skin blotches and rashes will disappear from removing toxins in your blood.

    The old waste is absorbed over time and this product gets rid of it.

    Good Luck.

    Natural BrandTM Papaya Enzyme, 600 chewable Tablets