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  • Travis Condren - The single best album of all timeThis is with out a doubt the greatest rock album of all time. The only piece of music that it can be compaired to is anything by Beethoven. With intricate placing of strings, guitars, vocals, and bass work, this is the closest thing that rock has to a symphony. It is a masterwork that any decent person would kill to write. All works of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, even Led Zeppelin do not even come close to the beauty of this album. This album has changed many lives, and caused many musicians to devote their lives to trying to make a work like this. All should hear this and let the music and the message of not to build wall enter their minds and free them of the crap the world has ordered them to believe. Bravo Pink Floyd, and thank you.
  • Stephanie Lindquist - A must for anyone working in international developmentThis book is amazing! I worked in Guatemala for around 8 months in community development, with a rural indigenous pueblo. We tried to get in as many doctors as possible, but when that failed, we could always use this book--the diagrams of each disease (especially the skin diseases, prevalent in Central America) helped us to decide how to address each person's health concerns. I only wish there was a copy in K'iche' for the community leaders to have to use! The forms included in the book for basic check ups and keeping medical records will be helpful in the future when we set up a clinic. I can't emphasize what a straight forward, useful, and practical book this is. If you intend to work anywhere in a developing country, with health or not, you need this book.
  • H. Huang - The Best Lumix G YetI have been using the G1 for the last couple of years and completely happy with it. However the G5 feels significantly better still in almost every aspect - image quality is better, auto WB is much more accurate, better feel in hand, superb LCD screen comparing to G1's already very good one. Panasonic did a great job here. I am sure my G1 will not get much action any more. I moved it's superior 14-45 lens to go with the new G5, now I have a perfect camera. The 14-42 kit lens come with the G5 feels pretty cheap indeed.
  • Jordan Austin - Awesome Price, Good ProductI encourage someone to look at av comparatives or a similar site when considering anti-virus. MS SE and other products are good, but their detection rate isn't the best and they seem to just disappear when a virus appears. Either that or they come with so much bloatware it's not worth it.

    As far as the product goes it works great and cheap compared to retail. Happy I bought it. Interface is kind of cluttered but it's a small price to pay.