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  • Denise Manner - Awesome book series! A MUST READ!I was looking for a good book series where I could spend my time invested in a likeable story line and memorable characters. The Hunger Game series had great characters but a disappointing ending to their story. I read the reviews for the Silo series and all people could comment about was how quickly they were sucked into the story and couldn't put the book down. I COMPLETELY AGREE! I found myself staying up late and sneaking in pages during my breaks at work. I kept thinking, "Just one more chapter." Don't tell my boss! Well done, Mr. Howey!

    Just get it already. If you've read my comments this far, you know you should. You won't be disappointed. Now, I'm off to buy the next book in the series. See you there!
  • Hook 'em Horns - Love the Nokia 920The Nokia Lumia 920 is a great phone. I only have one regret with it, but the phone itself can't be blamed.

    I have to carry a Blackberry for work so I have been avoiding wasting money on a personal phone for years. I have a Samsung Galaxy media player that I really like and have been using for a while. It is only WIFI though and I find myself constantly tying to find hotspots and wishing I could regularly use some of the features. For Christmas my wife convinced me to go ahead and get a Smartphone. I also have an IPAD2 for work and an Android tablet for home, so I am well versed in all of the operating systems out there. With that said I had been looking at the Windows phones for a while and really liked the look so I broke down and got one. I couldn't be happier, of course that will probably change once the monthly bill starts coming in.

    First the phone itself. I love it! It is solid and responsive. It operates extremely quickly. It feels comfortable in my hands. It has a great camera, 8.7 megapixels, and has Image stabilization for low light shots. That fact and the Carl Zeiss lens were huge selling points for me. I am a professional photographer and one of the things I was looking forward to is not having to carry my hug camera around all of the time when I was just out running around with the family and wanted to do some happy snaps. Being a photographer it is tough to judge the camera because I know what it would look like if I shot it with my pro gear, but I will tell you it is pretty good. As good as if not better than most point and shoots cameras out there. You can even make manual exposure adjustments; change the ISO and white balance. The best part is the ability to edit it right on the phone with the software and instantly upload it to FB. It all worked like a charm.

    The 4G seems to work quickly. I try to use it on WIFI most of the time though, but it is great to now have the Internet access no matter where I am. It helps me keep up with the Metro trains so I get there on time instead of just missing a train and having to wait forever.

    The screen is beautiful. Movies and photos look great on it. I can't imagine needing anything else on a small phone. I can watch HD movies and they look and sound great.

    32 GB's of memory and you can use the cloud drive.

    Battery life is pretty good. No Smartphone is great but this one meets my needs with no issues. I have only been close to dead before the end of the day once and I have been playing with it a lot. The one time it ran extremely low was when I was running GPS. It eats the battery pretty bad. I took a three hour round trip using it both ways and it was at critical level by 11:00 that night. That is easily solved though by having a charger in the car. In full disclosure I turn off the wifi and 4G when I know I am not going to be connecting to the Internet so it isn't draining the battery for no reason.

    It charges wirelessly. I really thought it was kind of a gimmick and a waste until I started using it. I love it. You just place the phone down and done. It seems lazy and stupid, but trust me after a couple days you will never plug it in again nor will you want too.

    Video shoots in either 720 or 1080P.

    Best part of the hardware is the price. Amazon has it for $39.99 with activation.

    On to Windows. I love it! Yes it may not be as fully customizable as Android, but I am willing to bet most people out there have no idea how to or even attempt to fully customize their phones. It is absolutely customizable though. You can add favorite photos that will be used as backgrounds, you can change the appearance of your tiles in size and color, and you can align everything where you want it placed. It is extremely easy to do.

    The live tiles are great. You will see the actual text messages without even opening the app. Your contacts sync with Facebook and display their facebook profile on the tile. The weather will show you the current temp and condition without even opening the app. It works great. Yes there are widgets in Android, but the Windows phone is easier to use and setup.

    It integrates fully with Office and comes already installed.

    There are a ton of apps with more coming. Anything you can do on an Android or Iphone you can do on this. Are all the apps the same, no, but they are there. This includes many that are better. Nokia provides you with an actual GPS navigation app that you can download the maps you need for the state or "country" you want ahead of time on a wifi network so that you are not using your data plan up on navigation. It is fully customizable too for walking and driving and fastest/shortest routes and others. I just wish it actually said the street names like my Garmin, but maybe they will fix that in an update. It does display the street names though.

    Nokia has a ton of other great apps for it as well. The photo editing apps work well and it has a great Nokia Music app. It also has Nokia City Lens that you can hold the phone up and it will show you everything that is around you like food and shopping and provide phone numbers, directions, and reviews. It is great if you are in a new area and just out hunting for something around you which I love to do a lot. There are a ton more.

    Overall I absolutely love the look and feel of Windows phone 8. I really think they got it right. It is extremely simple to navigate and set up. You can make it look however you want. All of the function work well. The phone integrates with it perfectly. As I said I have an IPad 2 so I know the Iphone functions and I have the Galaxy player, which is the exact same thing as the Galaxy phones, so I know the Android functions. I completely prefer Windows. I know there are a lot of haters out there who will be little these phones simply because they hate Windows and will never even touch one to give it a fair comparison. They have to have their IPhone so that they can be trendy not even understanding why. I guarantee if they try Android and especially Windows and give it a true honest test they will be totally happy. Just maybe not feel as popular. Now there was one negative with the phone.

    Now the bad; it is on AT&T. I rarely ever get a full signal especially indoors. I am in an apartment only maybe 25 feet from my huge windows in a huge city and I don't get a full signal. With that said it has gone from three to four bars the last couple days. Still I run into limited signal strength at times where my wife on T-Mobiles Wal-Mart branded "Family Talk" plan gets a strong signal. AT&T supposedly has the faster Internet network though. That I can't verify because my wife's phone is still 3G. I probably should have bought the phone outright and taken it to another network, but it does work and I may have a low signal, but I still usually have one. I am also told AT&T is building heavily onto their network infrastructure and in soon it will be extremely strong and reliable. Call quality is good, but I haven't used it enough yet to make a judgment on dropped calls. None as of now.

    The other absolute minimal issue is the size. Some may find this an issue I don't at all. The phone feels absolutely solid. I like the fact it has a little weight to it. The HTC 8X just feels to light to me and a little flimsy. Now for a female maybe that will be a bigger issue, but I am not sure about that either because my wife preferred the size and feel of the 920 too. It is a solid tank. After only have it a day I was doing some video and the thing shot out of my hand and bounced down a couple cement steps without hardly a scratch on it. You would have to look hard to see where it initially hit the ground. I have the same confidence in its build that I do in my blackberry.

    The last item I would HIGHLY recommend a case for it. It needs a little grip. It is too slick hence the flying out of my hands, but that is a non issue. You can find a case that adds almost no size onto it. You won't need an insane heavy duty one because the phone is so well built.


    This is an absolutely great phone and operating system that I give 5+ stars too. I can't quit playing with it. The bottom line is if you can care less about how you look and simply want a well functioning phone that is a blast to use, has great and useful apps, and is extremely easy to set up and use then go with a Windows 8 phone you won't regret it.
  • Robert B Lehr - Life SaverThis book is amazing. That being said, I must give some background. I purchased the book over a year ago and put it into practice immediately. Even though this book is as clear as a book can possibly be, I misunderstood a lot of the steps. It's easy to read the book and just start doing the practices without really paying attention to the subtleties, in her approach, that matter. My pain improved in some areas and worsened in others. My main issue was severe neck and shoulder pain. Because of that, I ignored a lot of the book that addressed other issues and focused on my neck. While I knew she was right about the importance of a straight neck and well-positioned shoulders, I failed to understand the importance of everything below those two areas. I forced my neck straight, rolled my shoulders as instructed and suffered through a long period of time with symptoms that were sometimes worse and sometimes better. It was only after watching some of her you-tube videos and rereading the book much more carefully that I realized that my low back was the source of a lot of my issues. Because it was very swayed it pushed my neck forward and caused my shoulders to hunch. When I would pull my neck back and perform the shoulder exercises, it would put even more pressure on these areas because my low back was pushing them out of position. Once I fixed the sway in my low back and followed her inner corset exercises faithfully, I was on my way and have experienced an amazing recovery. This is why PT never worked for me. They never once addressed the other postural distortions that were causing my forward head position and shoulder hunching. I really recommend following this book very closely, reading and re-reading it, and incorporating everything - even if it doesn't seem relevant. Everything in the spine builds on what is below it. Also, if anything in this book is causing you more pain, my opinion is you probably aren't doing the exercise exactly right. At least this was the case for me. This book has been life-changing for me. Additionally, I found the stretching exercises in the appendix to make a huge difference. I feel so passionate about it, I'm starting to try to implement it with my young children because they are already starting to show subtle postural distortions. Thank you Esther for helping me return to being a mother, play with my kids, exercise, and live my life without constant pain!!!!
  • Richard M Hill - Jesus DemystifiedIt is refreshing to find a book that puts in Jesus life in a historical perspective. I have always been more impressed by what he said and his life than what organized religion says "about" him. This is important. It is important because people throughout the world are drawn to religious organizations and other social organizations to define themselves as a member of a group. It seems to be a part of our nature to feel we are more secure by believing what the group believes without questioning. If everyone else believes it, then it must be true and if we question, we may find ourselves unacceptable by other group members. However, one group cannot be right without someone with different beliefs being wrong. More people have died fighting to prove their spiritual beliefs than for any other reason in history. It is great to find a book that tries to establish the facts of Jesus's life rather than organized religion's approach starting with the unquestioned assumption of his divinity. If there were more books like this one, there might be fewer religious wars and terrorists. I found this book well written and informative. It is a great book for anyone with an open mind and brave enough think for themselves.