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  • J. M. Jones - They did not disappoint in part 3They did not disappoint in part 3 at all. It rocks and playing online is not a problem. I see from reviews that they did have trouble with it but I have not had a single problem yet. I did buy it about two weeks after release because I figured they would have to work out some kinks. I usually wait about 6 months for glitches to get fixed in software programs that come out but games usually get things ironed out in a week after releases if any come up. It is fun and a must have for any Diablo fans.
  • Champ - Proud Grandma - Denon did wonders for the ultrasoundWe brought this to my daughter-in-law's ultrasound appointment and asked the doctor to hook it up. Not only could we hear the twins (little Delbert and Wembley) chattering away in full stereo, but to our surprise, the video quality was also enhanced. We got full color 600 dpi color prints - a grandma's dream! The kids are now thinking of changing Delbert's name to Denon.