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  • T. Bing "Firefox" - Real JournalismIf you really want to know what is going on outside the United States in foreign policy this book is a must read. He goes into how the white house has list of people to be arbitrarily assassinated without any sort of due proccess. He lets you know that this is not the nation that you thought it was. Again this is a must read.
  • B. Hansen "Nick Family" - Heard a lot of buzz about Garcinia Cambogia!I was standing in line the other day at Starbucks and I heard two people talking about Dr. Oz and his endorsement of Garcinia Cambogia. I had to do more research! After learning that it was the most safe and effective herbal diet aid on the market, I had to buy some. Dynamic Nutrition's Garcinia Cambogia Extract has already helped me lose five pounds in the first couple weeks of taking it. They recommend that you take it for at least 60 days, but I'm already so excited I had to write this review. Plus, the pills are vegetarian, which is so hard to find in any supplement. Nothing curbs my hunger like this stuff. Highly recommended!
  • J. McCloskey - Funny and informative facts from pre-conception to birth.Given the sheer number of reviews here, I wanted to finish reading the entire book before I left my review, so I could comment on those parts of the book I found most useful. The chapter on caffeine and alcohol was certainly interesting, but it was actually the very beginning and end of the book I found most useful - the chapters on conception and then the chapters at the end about the choices one has to make around the actual birthing process. I had no idea that constant fetal monitoring is pretty much the default in hospitals, and was pretty psyched to learn that episiotomies are as bad an idea as they sound.

    The chapter on what foods are ok and not ok was also super useful; I know someone who had listeria toward the end of her pregnancy and it was super scary; learning that really, turkey and soft unpasteurized cheeses are the only things that can really be linked to listeria was really interesting.

    I'm not yet pregnant but do plan to have kids, and I am so glad I'll have a reference like this. In particular, I think the most useful thing this book does is gives you a way to think about how you might want to have these conversations with your doctor.

    Like Emily says she is, I'm a worrier, and I find "the numbers" very reassuring, so I basically feel like this was written with my personality type in mind. I really hope she writes a second book about "the first year," given that the decisions certainly don't stop after birth!

    I felt like this book was as comprehensive as it could be without getting overwhelmingly long, and it was funny and personal enough to make it a very enjoyable read. Very reassuring without being bossy, and informative without being boring.