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  • Gale Steelman - Repeat customer.The Photographer's Market is an excellent resource for Photographer's. It is not only a teaching tool, with stories written by photographers themselves, but it's packed full of contact information to help you find publishers, galleries and much more. I would recommend this to anyone. I have also used their book directed towards Graphics Designers & Artists called Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market as well.
    Gale ES
  • B.G. Maryland - The One-Minute Cure is a vital read for everyone young or oldThe One-Minute Cure, opened my eyes to the important issue of making sure that the body gets an adequate supply of oxygen and if we rely on simply breathing in the normal air, our bodies becomes susceptible to disease. Since reading the book and applying the information, I am experiencing more energy, I sleep so much better and my overall health has greatly improved. My body is not as achy as it had been.

    I have been taking the prescribed doses of the 35% Hydrogen Peroxide three times a day and I don't want to miss taking it. I highly recommend that you buy this book and apply the principles so that you can experience what I have.