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  • Jonathan Pereira - Good and more detail than the film doco..I would recommend this regardless, but particularly if you have seen his documentary of the same name. It is a fascinating insight into modern "war" and supposed "fight against terror". In so doing we are almost without being aware giving up many hard fought for rights. Schahill has a succinct and non-preaching style, which makes reading this book a lot easier given the topic.
  • Judy - GreatThis works great, but for me I just take 2 pills instead of the 4 pills twice a day. This was easier on my stomach.
  • Kevin M. Thomas - Bill James Delivers Again!Each year at this time many baseball stat geeks, myself included, feel that temporary sense of depression that comes with the end of the season. The Bill James Handbook is that "port in the storm" that thaws that depression as it helps bridge the gap between the end of the World Series to the start of spring training. Bill, John Dewan, Greg Pierce and their staff at Baseball Info Solutions have again delivered the ultimate compilation of statistics derived from the recently concluded MLB season. All statistics, all the time! No opinionated player reviews here! If you are a baseball afficionado, a fantasy or sim player, or simply the aforementioned stat geek, this is the book you'll need to review the stats of every individual player who set foot on the field, hitters and pitchers, during the just concluded 2012 MLB season. Replete with current and season-by-season stats for 1000+ players, the book also offers other statistical analysis such as team stats, defense ratings (team and individual), pitching breakdowns (or breakouts!) and much, much more!

    From a S-O-M player of 38 years and a baseball fan from the womb, I couldn't do without this book each and every off-season!