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  • Sean R. O'Donnell - Havent read the book but already know where I standActually Ill give this book -5 stars it is obvious to me that this Coulter person has no clue as to how the real world works and by trying to get cute and funny about world politics especially when the only side she knows is embarassingly miscalculated, dishonest, and of course wrong. So please if you want the truth on the world and what to think read the news read Time, or read the BBC just read something other than biased partisan exaggerations. Kerry/Edwards 2004- America WILL be better.
  • Susan Morrison - It's great - working well.I had an old Pharmaceutical Word Book and there have been a lot of new drugs on the market since 2005 so I am VERY happy with the new book
  • James A. Root "tool fool" - Historic religious booksReza Aslan is a marvelous writer that takes us back to interesting times when Jesus was living. His research has troubled many people that are not well enough educated to realize that most of the words of Jesus were printed long after his death and have been twisted to suit the writer. Mr. Aslan is just trying to bring our thinking into realistic perspective.
  • DAN RODGERS - My wife made me read it and I am glad I did.I am Dan Rodgers author of Call Me Sergeant Rock (How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam). My wife, Sue told me that if I wanted Ladies to read my book I needed to read a book that is directed to both women and men written by a lady. As I started reading I just wondered how would a lady, like the author of this book, work out as a leader in Vietnam. I believe that women are more precise in their decision making than many men. To be a leader in Vietnam you must want to lead. Women do want to lead. The author brought up another point that I had never thought about. Pregnant women need reserved parking. Thank you Sue for making me read this book.Call Me Sergeant Rock: How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam