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  • Valerian Dolja - The Logic of ChanceThis is a brilliant book by one of the top minds in modern evolutionary
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  • S. Castleman - Kaspersky Anti-VirusMy computer guy that I have been going to for 15+ years recommends Kaspersky as the best anti-virus program available. Each year I check with him before purchasing my new license and he continues to recommend. I've counted on his expertise for purchasing and repairing my computers. The price I found here was the lowest I found.
  • Heather - Great ProductI ordered this product for my fiance and he absolutely loves it. He drinks a ton of Red Bull every day. The energy drink syrup taste just like Red Bull. The machine comes with a few syrups but I ordered the 12 pack so we could try a few more. They are all pretty good, different than fountain or canned soda because it uses sugar but still pretty good. We have also carbonated other things such as crystal light (which is delicious). I really do think we are going to save a ton of money just from him stop buying energy drinks. Do yourself a favor and buy more bottles so you can have backups. Other than that its a great product and we love it!
  • Callie Wilson-Pitts - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!I was reluctant to buy this for my 3 year old daughter. I am so glad I did! She absolutely loves it! Even when she is only using the "song" apps, playing the games, or watching one of the movies or "reading" one of the books she is learning and I am already seeing results in less than a month. If you watch the leap pad website you can often find apps for $5 - $10 so the ongoing costs are not too bad either :)