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  • Jes Alexander - Love this strollerI have never owned a stroller before as this is my first baby, so I researched and researched strollers. I came across this one and found that it suited all of my needs and without ever even seeing it I registered for it and received it at my baby shower. I am glad I did. I really love this stroller. Here is a short list of the pros and cons:
    *light weight and very easy to fold up
    I had a little trouble unfolding it which I found to be more important than folding it up, but once you get the hang of it there's no problem. It is no problem for me to throw it into the trunk or move around.
    *smooth ride
    sometimes so smooth that riding in it doesn't soothe my gassy baby
    *easy to push
    *decent storage
    the storage bin is not very big but it fits my diaper bag without a problem
    *easily adapts to infant car seat
    We have the Britax B-safe and it clicks easily in and feels secure, just put on the car seat adapter pieces that are included and it simply fits together. Not hard at all.
    *front swivel wheel
    Very easy steering
    *the handle is foam and after gripping it for only a few months the foam is starting to wear

    My baby is too small to use the stroller without the infant car seat attached so I haven't tried out the seat. The buckles on the seat are very difficult (probably good so that baby can't unbuckle herself, but not so good if you are trying to quickly get out a crying baby).

    Overall I really like this stroller and would recommend it!
  • Cap'n Stoob "Stoob" - The Only REAL Review on this ProductYou can easily tell the other reviews are just making fun of the concept of selling milk on the Internet.

    Well, 3 years ago, this concept saved my grandmother from a lot of mental pain and suffering. Up until her heart gave out, Gran Gran basically kept her little farm out in Martel, South Dakota all by herself. After Grampa Ilmuth died, she didn't want to move back to Huron with the rest of her family and, in her ever-proud manner, said she could run the farm all by herself. For a good 20 years, she did, hiring help when she needed it and selling off parcels of it to make it easier to manage. I remember being 6 years old and helping Gran Gran stake off her north side for sale to the developers. She said that the money would let her keep the house. I loved that old house and summers in Martel were something that I always looked forward to. Raking the barns, milking the cows in the old Vaccar machine, feeding the chickens, and the bi-weekly trip to market to sell off produce and animals and get that black molasses candy. I know a lot of folks have bad childhoods and all kinds of scars, but, you know, I wish every year on my birthday that I could be a kid again and get on that Greyhound bus back to Martel.

    Well, time changes everything. A few years ago, Gran Gran had the first of several small heart attacks. After spending a lot of time at the SCCI hospital in Bismarck, the doctors said she could go back home but she couldn't do any hard farm work anymore. I think that is what really killed her. She hired a few folks to do the chores and had to sell off a lot more land to cover those expenses. I remember having to broker those deals, myself, and it was hard to let that land go...but, Gran Gran was getting better and I thought that it would get back to normal and we'd just have a smaller farm. I had made arrangements to move into the guest room and manage the day to day affairs of the farm, but Gran Gran made a turn for the worse and had a stroke. It took a long time after that for her to get strong enough to talk again and the doctors wanted her to stay with her family or at a home so she could get her care. I could tell by her eyes that she'd rather die than be a burden so we packed back up and moved back to the old farm, by now just a few acres of land and a barn with an old cow or two. Gran Gran couldn't walk well, but she loved the radio and spent a long time talking in her now-slurred speech about the good old days and her husband. I guess one of the blessings of age is the gentle curtain of nostalgia that can help hide the ravages of senility or stroke. Anyways, she would start every day with a glass of fresh milk straight from the barn. We had a pasteurization machine next to the Vaccar that was from 1965 and it was really nice to be able to get fresh cream and bottle it for gravy, butter or home-churned ice cream. Gran Gran would drink that milk every day and she would always say she'd "done since I was as tall as a grasshopper's knee and I'll do it till the day I die." Well...the old cows finally died some 4 or 5 months later and, with taking care of a near-invalid, I didn't have time to keep up with the farm chores, anymore AND hunt down, buy and bring a cow back. I started going out for groceries and putting them in the porch freezer so Gran Gran wouldn't know. I'd pretend that the soup we had was made with our garden-fresh vegetables and the chicken was from our own coop. She was lost in her aging mind and I guess she started thinking like it was 20 years ago again. Her face would light up as she saw me cutting what she thought were her own carrots. "Gonna be a good harvest this year, if the carrots make it in before the first heavy rain," she'd say.

    I kept this up for about a year...then a nasty winter storm hit. As always, there was a run on supplies and I wasn't able to find milk anywhere. I was DEATHLY afraid that another shock to her nerves might be enough to put her in another situation and I cursed myself for building up her fantasy world that I couldn't keep up. In desperation, I drove all the way back to Huron and got there about 2am. Of course, not a single store in town was open and I went back to my cousin's house crying and half-dead myself from the fatigue of the effort. It was then that Joey told me about ordering milk online from HEY! Here was my answer! I could order 2 weeks' worth at a time and it'd get delivered to the house so I wouldn't have to run all over McPherson county looking for milk.

    It came so fast by FedEx that I couldn't believe it! Gran Gran had her glass of milk right up until she passed on and it gave me such a good feeling to make her last days comfortable and without worry that her beloved cows had died.

  • Rosebud - Great little coffee makerI've had my mini brewer since Feb 2012. I have been having some trouble with it lately like others have had. I start it and it does nothing, doesn't even make any kind of a noise. I called Keurig Customer Service today and found out what the problem is. You are not suppose to use cold water. The water should be room temp. What I thought was now a piece of junk has been saved. I was so surprised that the fix was so simple. I was ready to throw it out and now I don't have to. Hope this helps you.
  • Baranabus - great dealThis was such a good deal. And it's really easy to use, so if you aren't tech savvy it won't be a problem. My pc is running great, of course a big part is that I got rid of the evil Windows Vista, but this really helps. It runs really quick now; I use to have constant crashing, probably due to Vista but that even made maintenance difficult. Worth the $20 I paid and then some.