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  • Michael R. Young "Mike" - He is a Superstar if ever there was oneI absolutly love this musical. I saw it on Broadway, saw it at the Papermill Play House in Milburn,NJ, saw the movie, purchased the DVD, purchased the LP and to this day, I never grew tired of listening to this wonderfully and is, in my opinion, terrific contempoary and brilliantly scoreed rock musical. I really can't believe that it took me so long to purchase the CD version. Well better late than never. If you love musicals then you will love this CD. If your aren't interested in the theology of the story and if you enjoy theology then you will love this music especially for the portrayal of Judas. If you have heard it then you will enjoy hearing it again and again. If you haven't heard it then what are you waiting for? Anyway you look at it, you will enjoy listening to this, in my opinion, contemporary musical classic, Jesus Christ Superstar
  • David - Faboulous!I have used a Android tablet for several years and it all but replaced my desktop. It (the Android) had to be sent in for replacement, and I was in the middle of a "can't put down" Kindle e-book, I ordered next day delivery of The Kindle Fire HD to use until my Android Tablet was returned.

    I was so impressed with nearly every aspect of the Kindle Fire that when my other tablet was returned it has basically been relegated to a music player with my home audio system. (Since the Kindle is Wi-Fi only, I do take the other tablet when I'm away from home.)

    The screen is something to behold: bright, vibrant and clear, easily readable in every lighting situation in which I have been. I mentioned being impressed with "nearly every aspect of the Kindle." It seems that something negative must be included in a review - why, I don't know - and it is hard to find anything not to like about this device. I quess the whole "carousel" concept is that one negative for me. I prefer a "home" screen. I also thought it odd to pay to have no advertising although I suppose it has something to do with keeping the cost low. Last but not least, having to purchase separately the charger is a new one.

    My task of supplying some negatives done, I LOVE THIS DEVISE!