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  • Charlie - A Must Read!This book is awesome. I've read act like a lady, think like a man and also Why men love b****** but this book takes the cake hands down. Not only does it teach you the rules of the game but it inspires you as we'll to be the best woman you can be. I would recommend that all women read this book. It's definitely a must read!
  • KVD - Love my Galaxy Tablet!This tablet is the best. My friends with Ipads even said they prefer this tablet. Love that it syncs with my Galaxy S3 phone. Great buy.
  • Arthur N. Sanborn - A great valueWorks great!
    Fast, great image, and great WiFi range. Jelly Bean is a very user friendly operating system! I also got the cover with the keyboard that they were having on sale and really like it. The keyboard is one of those things that is nice to have even if you don't always use it. Typing on the screen or even using Swift Key or Swype Keyboard is a lot slower than the optional keyboard for me!
  • Sandry311 - It worked for me! 20 pounds in a month!I bought ViSalus last spring, and started taking it the last week of March. I wanted to lose some weight before we hit the beach for vacation in June. I had a shake for breakfast and one for lunch, along with an apple or grapes in between, and a sensible dinner. I worked retail, so I was walking a lot during my shifts. At the end of April, I had lost 20 pounds exactly, dropping from 180 to 160. The weight has also stayed off since then, even though my eating habits have been crap. I haven't had a ViSalus shake since April, because quite frankly, I was burned out on them. I'm not big on fruit in my shakes, so I was drinking them plain, with unsweeted almond milk.

    I have another month's worth, and have been gearing up to start it again, because I would like to hit my pre-baby weight of 130 again. Just 30 pounds to go! I just don't know if I'm ready to commit to drinking the same thing twice a day, EVERY day. It tastes just like white cake batter, which is awesome, and cures my sweet cravings for the day. I would definitely recommend this, but more for people who enjoy mixing it up with different things, and making something different each time.

    I love fruit! I just... don't like it IN things.