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  • Helen - perfect stroller for us!I purchased this stroller along with the Britax Chaperone infant seat and have used it since my baby was a week old. She is now 14 mo, and I plan on using this far longer.

    *ridiculously easy to fold. You hit a button while holding a handle. It's a 2-handed thing, but I don't mind that. It literally takes me 5 seconds to fold it and get it in my car.
    *reclining positions. When my baby falls asleep on a walk, I recline the seat back and she snoozes away
    *large folding canopy. When it's cold, raining, windy, sunny, she has always been well protected
    *pouch for my stuff. This hangs off of the back in addition to the one underneath. It's handy for my keys, a small blanket, the other random kid stuff
    *tall handles. I am 5'10" and my husband is 6'2", and we can both walk comfortably without leaning over. I'm sure it isn't too tall for the shorter folks either
    *foot clearance. This is especially important when you're tall and walk a lot. I have yet to hit my feet on this stroller
    *narrow. It fits nicely through the doorways I see my friend with the B-Ready struggles to get through.
    *agility. This has amazingly easy, one-handed steering with quick, close turns, while still stable. This is so convenient when you are shopping, or anytime you have one hand busy.
    *easy to lock in the infant seat. Literally set it in the holders, and it clicks to tell you it is safely locked.
    *sturdy quality. This feels like it is better quality than several strollers I tried. Others have felt pretty flimsy, this one is sturdy.
    *If you have a diaper bag with the stroller straps, it hooks very nicely while still giving you room to walk comfortably

    *no cup holder for the adult. I have purchased some after-market ones and still, nothing fits.
    *the brake needs to be lifted up with your foot to be unlocked. I didn't realize how much I would dislike this until I was wearing flip-flops, or when I had some nice boots on with wet weather
    *when it does fold, the wheels touch the canopy and the pouch. This gets the stroller fabric dirty and/or wet when the wheels are.
    *the basket underneath is small. It will hold a small bag or 2, but not a whole lot more. This isn't a big deal to me, but if you're looking for something large, it isn't.
    *with the front wheel locked, it loses the agility and becomes much more difficult to navigate. I have unlocked it now, but it is recommended to lock it when using it with the infant seat.
    *if you have a heavy diaper bag on the back, without a baby in the stroller, it tips over backward.

    Overall, I have really enjoyed this stroller. We have traveled with it in the car, airplanes, walked many miles with it, and it has met all of our needs, besides the minor details mentioned above. I would buy it again, and have recommended it to friends.
  • Evan Schlosberg - I am healthy again, thanks to this diet!The day I started the diet I went on to read the reviews to see what people who had tryed it had to say. Reading the encouraging reviews gave me hope and inspired a dream that I would somday be able to write about my own success story. Nothing makes me happier than being able to say that this diet works and I can write to tell about it. Though it may be hard to follow the diet, it is very empowering. All doctors tell you is there is nothing you can do except take your pills and try not to be stressed out(wich is imposible when all you can think about is how sick you are getting). I also became quite the chef and am eating far healthier than I ever imagined I could. When my doctor saw my progress he was dumbfounded. After two months on the diet I was relived of all symptoms and was off prednisone. I had been on an average dose of prednisone before I started the diet and was still progresivly getting worse(also the diet prevented me from gaining wait from the prednisone). My doctor told me the next step was Remacade and even started talking about the posibilities of a colectomy. After I got better and got off my meds I was curious why I got better. Was it the Pills, or the diet? So I tryed an experiment. I ate foods outside of the diet for the first time in 3 months. I started with what I missed most. I had a beer. Two days later I felt somthing I hadnt felt in a month. I spent 2 hours in and out of the bathroom with excrutiatingly painful bool movements. I felt like my body was rejecting somthing that I had put in to it, and it was. Surprisingly several hours later. I felt fine. By the next day the symptoms were gone and I flet fine. This is what I have been through everytime I have accedentaly eaten somthing outside of the diet. Now that I know what happens when I eat the wrong food I make sure it does not happen anymore. If you have UC like I do than you have to try this diet! Get your life back on track with out the deadly sideffects of anti inflamatories. I think this diet can work for everyone. Its just a matter of being disiplined and persistant. Thanks and good luck.
  • TabbyCat - Don't under-estimate the power of the wolves...I bought this shirt to workout in..The day it came in the mail, I was fighting a cold but decided to go to the gym anyway to wear my new shirt. I was on the exercise bike alone and the next thing I knew I was surrounded my guys jumping on the equipment next to me. (what dude rides a bike at the gym) I continued my workout but started to feel strange so I left the gym. I don't know if it was the shirt or the flu but I woke up hours later in the woods under a full moon! Can you run with the pack?