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  • Maried - Best Meal Replacement/ Protein Shake I've ever tried.Awesome source of protein and other nutrients. My 11 year old son hates veggies and is desperate for a good diet. I mix a half serving of this with Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness and he is ready to go for the day. My family gets up at 5am daily and it's hard to eat properly. We all drink our Green Goodness/ Raw Meal drink every morning and we love it. I don't really get these bad taste reviews... what are they expecting a banana split?? I have done years of trial and error with meal replacements and protein shakes- my 10 year search (as a certified personal trainer is over. This is it!
  • munroesir - Windows 8 is powerful and also simpleI'm not going to give an in-depth, detailed review of the software. I'm just going to get to the point.

    Windows 8 can run all the software that Windows Vista, 7, and XP could run.

    It has a new Start screen interface and new style of apps that while jarringly different, are simple and typically easy to use.

    For a casual computer user that has a beef with menus and tools, or the tablet user, the new interface is perfect. Experienced users will appreciate that Windows 8 runs on the same hardware as previous versions without losing speed or stability. If anything, it's a little faster, since the shiny transparent graphics of Windows 7 have been traded for flat, simple themes.

    I like it.
  • William G. M. Leslie III - Very Durable ProductI purchased a gallon of this milk on the 15th of November, 2005. It arrived on the 23rd of November via FREE Super Saver Shipping (5-9 business days).

    As of the 16th of November 2008, I have not yet opened my milk but it seems to have held-up pretty well considering I still haven't gotten around to refrigerating it (yet).

    I purchased this product because a friend had suggested vegan milk, which I tried, but gave it up because of the difficulty of finding lactating vegans who didn't mind being milked (make sure you ask before trying!)

    Anyhow, the milk appears to have solidified a wee bit but I'm sure some warm water will set it right. Highly recommended (I would have given it a better review but I haven't tried it yet so my review is more about the nice packaging and the fact that it hasn't evaporated yet.)
  • Heather Boylan "featherb1" - Extremely Usefull!!!Originally I was looking at getting this so that my husband and I could go to restaurants and be able to eat without holding a squirming baby. When I got it home we decided to set it up on our kitchen island which has been perfect! When we are cooking or eating at the island our son can play and still interact with us. It works just as great at the restaurants. There isn't a thing that I would change about it. It is compact for traveling to an from places and the ease of putting it on the table is great. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Well worth the money.
  • digger o'toole "Franky" - fine distinctionsAnn Coulter is one smart cookie. The chapter on Max Cleland is a perfect case in point illustrating how a reasonable well presented argument is viciously distorted by liberal casuistry and outright lies. Ironically, this was the whole point of Ann's analysis of the Cleland attacks on Bush's service record in the first place. The subsequent liberal reaction precisely proved her point. Ann's intelligence and quick wittedness allows her to write this stuff and survive in today's media, dominated by the liberal point of view. Face to face confrontations with her are no contest. This book (really a collection of columns and subsequent reactions) is full of fact and penetrating analysis despite the hysterical reaction from liberals. In fact the reaction only proves its efficacy. If liberals were smart they would ignore Ann, but her insolent style makes them react when their better judgement tells them to let it lie. What fun. With all due respect to Rush, Sean, Mark, etc Ann is the best.