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  • J. Nash - Light and Easy, Love It!I researched vacuum reviews when I realized that my Hoover Steamvac(monster machine) was easier to push than my Dirt Devil Breeze upright.The Shark Navigator lived up to its reputaion for being light weight and easy to operate. The onboard tools are much easier to hook up than any of my previously owned vacuums. I now use them instead of going to get my hand held vac. I was even able to vacuum with an injured arm! It's sooo much easier! Must add that my Dirt Devil was doing a good job. There was only a normal amt of dirt extracted with the Shark. But, the ease and convenience was well worth upgrading to the Shark.
  • Violet - Worked For Me After All Else FailedIn 2008 my husband and I started on a fertility drug to get pregnant. I have severe PCOS. For two years we were going to doctor appointments twice a month and I never once ovulated. The doctors finally told me I would have to go to a fertility clinic. My husband and I decided we wanted to try a more natural alternative before going to the clinic. I started taking FertilAid and after taking it for 2 weeks, I ovulated. After taking it for 2 months, I was pregnant. I now have a happy healthy baby girl. I've recently started buying FertilAid for my sister who also has PCOS. She's only been taking it a few weeks, but her cycle is regulating, so hopefully I'll have a niece or nephew soon!
  • Byron Van Arsdale - How to Shoot Video That Doesn't SuckIf, like me, you didn't go to film school, and you are thinking about or are producing videos for your business, I highly recommend reading Stockman's book - even if you've hired a professional to produce the video! He's made the complex simple and gives small business people a step-by-step approach to shooting video that will engage and entertain your potential customers. Buy the book - do the exercise (set a clear intention) and THEN start working on your video.
  • V. Woodring "vickity907" - Amazing GuideIf you've ever driven the Alaska Highway and know about the Milepost. This is like the Milepost for the Trail. Lots of cool facts. Maps of the little towns you pass through and all sorts of great stuff like that. It's PERFECT for backpacking about a 5x7 in size. I'm so happy I bought this book!!!