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  • P. B. Reynolds - Hippie Tested...Police State Approved!Your badge will feel just a little bit heavier once you strap on a canister of this (generally) non-lethal formula and proceed to go to town on a group of student demonstrators or some other bunch of malcontents who say terroristy things like "what about the 1st Amendment?" or "George Orwell was right!"

    The MK-9 stream is strong enough to bring down the steady onslaught of an encroaching fascist state, but it was made for non-violent dissenters, Black Friday shoppers, and other rabble-rousers who make living in a free society a bit of a chore.

    So hey, what are you waiting for? Be on the cutting edge of legally sanctioned thuggery with this indispensable product! Your bedside taser may give you excellent stopping power, but it's so 2007!
  • chelsea - Recommended :)Absolutely love my kindle fire HD !! Take it every where and very light and portable tablet ! Clear view and adjust to my light. Very happy to have purchase this tablet and would recommend. My sister ha purchased the apple tablet mini same time I purchased my kindle and both do the same features mine was just extremely cheaper so happy to save !
  • MR PIERRE CHAILLET - An indispensable JavaScript bookO'Reilly books are usually good, and this one is no exception. It is not too big, you can read it from the first to the last page and you don't need a computer. It is a perfect travel compagnon and at the end you will feel far more comfortable when you write JavaScript code. It is clearly explained, it is about fundamentals and it is a must have. I don't know Mr Lindley and I am used to read a lot of computer books.
  • Kennedy Raj - the bookI'm from Malaysia and have suffered from psoriasis for 20 years. my wife was fed up with my skin problem and sat up 1 night for 7 hours to find a 'cure' on the Internet and finally was convinced to buy this book online. we got it shipped from the states and it came by Dec 08. By Jan 09 the book was full of dog-ears and outlines in the paragraphs. she took before photos of my condition and now I am happy to say that I am 80% clear.

    the diet part is easy that's because i cheated and still achieved 80% success rate. i didn't do the teas as i couldn't find it here but boy did I drink lots of lemon juice. i have the occasional pizza but make up by drinking lots of lemon juice after to 'alkalise' the body.

    the hardest part as predicted by pagano was the healing crisis (boy did it did occur) and it was aweful until I really wanted to give up but wifey nagged me to stick to it.

    give the book a try. i tweaked a little here and there and still got the results. next year i plan to strive for 100% healing of the skin. i guess this time I will have to buy the teas online. whatever you do, just try to hang on till the healing crisis recovers. mine was 2-3 weeks. and do take before and after photos as i really didn't believe my wife when she said I was 50% healed until I saw the photos of the old me. good luck!