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  • Drzman58 - Great Purchase!!!!Okay, let me just say I never write reviews! It's not that I don't like the things i buy, I just don't find a need to take time out of my life to write something online…..but as soon I tried the Flex belt I felt it was something amazing and different than anything available out there for abs, so here I am, writing a review! - I do have an ab routine but wanted to take things to the next level so when i saw the commercial for this device, i read about it online and decided it might be fun. I looked at other EMS brands but I liked the flex belt design the best and the fact that it didn't need batteries, it really only came down to that for me and that AMAZON sells it. Anyway, I have been using this belt as directed from day 1 and I am totally feeling the difference. My abs are firmer and I am starting to get some obliques definition. I did start at a higher level than recommended but its because I was not out of shape, i could handle it. This thing is so powerful, it still amazes me, I have yet to be able to set it on it's MAX level, for me 60 is where I like it right now. I say use this 5 times and week, eat well and you will be amazed just like I am.
  • ITrob523 - Simply Amazing!** typing this review from my Transformer Prime.**
    I work in IT and I have used just about every device on the market. I can easily say that this is the tablet to beat. Its fast! easy to use for those who aren't as tech savvy but also provides the most functionality for those of you who are. You may surprise yourself with how easy it is to learn and adapt. All of the reviews on here speaking of people complaining about the wifi... its the same wifi you would find on a mobile phone. You can't expect to get the same range as a high powered laptop. That being said,other than some minor Android OS hickups which are expected and the reason Google creates updates, it works great! I especially like the ability to setup a home share network with my windows 7 PC's to stream music both to and from my tablet. Kudos to Google, Asus, and Nvidia. I brought this thing to work and other coworkers couldn't get enough and actually purchased it as well. ASUS especially rocks for the myNet app and this tab!
  • R&L-Mom - Some improvement.I had been using the 2009 version, whicth I did like. Bought the new program to load onto a new computer with Windows 8. I'm on a learning curve for Windows 8 and this newfangled QuickBooks, but I'm liking it. Others gave some less than rosy reviews but so far I'm really liking this. I do the books for a business, and this makes finding certain things easier (like how to change the look of your invoices). All the old version's convenience, but has the new look that fits today's computer operating systems. One complaint -- you can't change the display look in any adequate way. Interface in registers is hard on the eyes because of small font on bright background. Color scheme changes only work for frame edges, not inside the register itself, so no help there. Want to change the font size in the display? Well, too bad -- can't do that without changing your screen resolution in Windows (which means the change is universal and not unique to QB). Disappointed with these issues.... Maybe an free update will address the issue (I hope).
  • Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu... - The Experience of a Thousand LifetimesMy bottle of Tuscan Whole Milk descended in a godlike spot of light through the roof of my house; such dramatization in delivery was well worth the cost of shipping. As if that wasn't awe-inspiring enough, the bottle proceeded to unscrew its own cap, peel off its shimmering film lid and then poured its contents into a glass that inexplicably appeared in my hand which was clenched in gripping astonishment. Without further hesitation, I drank it down with great pleasure, having just consumed the best beverage known to man next to gorilla snot.
  • BrooklynGirl - UBER-ALPHA, TYPE A, INCREDIBLE!I LOVED THIS BOOK! After recently discovering that the great JR Ward also writes as Jessica Bird, I emptied almost all of my amazon gift card money into hunting down these books. I am soooo glad I did. This book had a totally winning recipe of being to the point, pared down with a sharp focus on the hero and heroine John and Grace. Ms. Bird did not try to bog the story down with other plotlines and she created (at least for me) an Alpha Male, Type A, Uber Hero that I spent the majority of the book drooling over. Does John have some serious head junk. Heck yeah! and seeing grace use her quiet, fierce, persistent personality as a battering ram to that head trash was so much fun. As the book goes on she becomes stronger and more confident of herself, her abilities and her future and she is taking John with her almost whether he likes it or not.

    John was deep, brooding, rude but frickin hot! When at his nastiest, he was totally not the man any woman would lay her head down and dream of at night but when he was at his best, most lovliest, vulnerable, predatory & protective, I kept wiping the drool off my chin.

    Now this book is simple in its approach, it is not fancy and heavily layered with subplots, blah, blah, blah and the protagonist is so wimpy it leaves one to wonder how that little troll was able to wreak such havoc on the silver spoon set. I could only put it down to them being TSTL.

    What absolutely worked for me was having John and Grace move in together throughout the crisis. It made sense. You're protecting a person you would want to be as close as possible to them and living in the confines of the same home allowed the entire focus to remain on the duo and to keep the tension high in a good way. The addition of a long-lost relative toward the end sets up the next book quite nicely as well. Also while I have come to anticipate the intensely expressive, lengthy and plentiful love scenes in JR Wards books there is no such occurrance here. In fact, the intimacies take place fairly late in the book and are very short but trust me when John & Grace finally do give in... Aye Caramba.

    I for one could totally see John Smith as a member of the brotherhood and in fact applaud Ms. Bird/Ward with once again coming up with another finger lickin male to die for.