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  • Stumblein - Great author and historical fiction writer!This is a great author, a new favorite for me both to read and listen. I first listened to Pearl in the Sand and I hope this one (as well as Harvest of Gold) will also be available in audio version, hopefully by the same narrator! I was laughing out loud at the wedding entrance...well done. I love the weaving of Old Testament verses and themes as a realistic part of the character's struggle to make sense of her past and look forward with hope in her life.
  • Jeanne Lee - well used bookI used this book daily when taking triage calls as a nurse; easy to use and understand quickly when researching drugs people take
  • MFS "mfshermantank" - Visit Mitford -- you won't be disappointed!If you cry during reruns of Little House on the Prairie, you'll love this and the other four titles in the "beloved Mitford series." This is the kind of reading that diehard nonfiction readers scoff at: too soft, too sweet. But don't we all deserve to be touched by an angel once in a while? The Mitford series centers on Father Tim, an aging priest who ministers to the small by lively congregation of the Lord's Chapel. He is by turns fussy, funny, and faithful (the kind of faith that is simply there, not overdone, just a part of daily life). And Karon's gift as a writer is that she allows his story to unfold. We discover the characters and the subplots without the heavy hand of a writer who wants to ensure that we "get the message," and we're delighted in the process. Even if your usual bedtime fare is A Brief History of Time, I encourage you to visit this little town for a while. You'll come away enriched.
  • annie agardi - Fantastic book!This book gave me so many great ideas and it was a real eye opener! I realized what is the problem with "my team". I started implementing it and already see the result. And I did not even the finish the book. It is a must read book for all team leaders no matter what is their position in the company!
    EXCELLENT book!!
  • Joshua Freedman "COO, Six Seconds EQ Network" - Far Better Than Imagined!I was not going to get a kindle because I love books. I grew up and have always lived with piles of books all around (drives my wife crazy: "why don't you just use the library???") erm. But a friend gave me a kindle a year ago and it's become one of my favorite devices. I've now read over 30 books and am preferring it to p-books.

    I travel quite a lot and used to carry 6-8 books on a trip, plus would end up buying expensive mediocre titles in airports. No more!! Downloading in US is almost-instant on whispernet -- but I travel far... and so have downloaded books to my laptop from hotel rooms all over the globe, then xfered to kindle, and been reading in minutes.

    There are three changes that would make it even better:
    1. It annoys me that I can't give others my e-books when I'm done. If I've bought it, why can't I de-register from my kindle and gift to someone else? Or donate them to my local library on a chip? (just as we've all done w p-books.) This is a big frustration.

    2. While laying in bed, it's a little hard to hold the kindle w/o pushing buttons by accident. Getting used to it, but suboptimal.

    3. I want more books available! There is a great selection on amazon, but once in a while i'm stuck w a p-book. :)

    That said, I'm a fan... and wish I'd get a commission from Amazon for the dozens I've sold to people sitting next to me on all these flights!