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  • Greg Killmaster - really find drive so farHope I'm not jumping the gun here but I just ordered another one of these. It is super fast compared with my older drive. Not sure if that's because of USB 3.0 or what. This drive is also silent by comparison. The thing that tipped me over the edge was to see the Seagate Rep. respond online to peoples comments and was willing to discuss solutions to problems. This is very impressive and was probably the reason I decided to go with Seagate as opposed to WD. I'm just crossing my finger and hoping this drive lasts some years and not just months...! I'm on a Mac using Mavericks. So far so good.
  • James F. Strasma "strasma" - The mobile link is a great additionI've used Quicken since 1984, typically upgrading every time I get a major new version of Microsoft Windows. This time, however, I upgraded from Quicken 2012 Premier to Quicken 2013 Deluxe, primarily to use the new Quicken iPhone app. (I settled for Deluxe rather than Premier because I haven't found myself needing the extra features of Premier.)

    Like last year, the upgrade and registration was easy and mostly automatic. It noticed and removed my previous version, and restored its data, saving a safety copy as it upgraded the data format for 2013. I also had no trouble setting up a new cloud account for use with the iPhone app. However, I did trigger an error message (org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException : An unexpected exception occurred.) when I asked to also have my budget synced to the cloud. So far as I can tell, the error was harmless, as I still see budget info on my iPhone 4 that matches what I see in the desktop app in Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit.)

    The mobile app shows the accounts I've chosen to sync with the cloud, some of which also automatically update themselves with the associated financial institution, and others of which are intentionally not set up to talk directly to their associated financial institution. (I particularly appreciate the latter group, as it's my impression that Quicken's Mint Web site only works with accounts that can be linked with the associated institution, and some of mine cannot be so linked.)

    The mobile app gives me a quick overview of my current situation, both overall and in relation to my budget (which it automatically updates as my spending changes.) It also shows me the alerts I've selected, such as when spending in a particular category exceeds its budget by a specified amount, or when I'm charged a bank fee of $1 or more. (I wish there were an option to show bank fees above a penny, as I try very hard never to incur such fees.)

    Overall, two hours into using the new version, I'm happy to have upgraded, and will update this later if I notice any thing else important about the new version. [Update: Still no further problems after another week of use. A Quicken survey this week asked me to check the accuracy of my Quicken Mobile data, and it even correctly caught that I'd incorrectly-entered the associated account of a recent check in my Windows version of Quicken. Be sure you are fully updated (to R6 at the moment), as that may be why my experience has been more successful than that of some earlier reviewers.]

    Recommended, especially for mobile smartphone and tablet users.

    Update: As of January 24, 2013, R10 is the latest update, and still working well for me.
  • Dolls by Dotti - Great Grill, and Pretty Too!I purchsed this grill today at Kroger's, no less, on sell. I put it together while watching TV and was careful to follow the instructions. I'm a 65 year old female and didn't pay attention to the time, but the movie was still playing when I finished setup. It went together without incident, is sturdy, and works well. I love it, and it is so convenient not to have to deal with charcoal and fire! I felt comfortable using it on the patio as there is no open flame. It is so easy to use (plug it in turn it on) I plan on using it regularly. It does not appear poorly made, so I wonder if there are more than one of this model based on the comments I read. If you're sick of charcoal or just need a grill with a small foot print, is easy to start and looks nice, I suggest this one.