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  • C. D. Gosnell "book loving mom" - OraJel Single Use Cold Sore TreatmentI received this FREE sample of OraJel and used it on a cold sore as soon as it began to 'tingle'. The single use applicator was easy to use and the healing effect began almost instantly. Usually cold sores last for days and days but this time it was gone by the next day. I will always have this product on hand. Anyone who suffers from cold sores should do the same. Thank you ORAJEL for this wonderful product.
  • - Amazed In CaliforniaI have had psoriasis for almost 30 years and have suffered all the discomfort and humiliation this disease can cause. I have had dreadful reactions to all the prescription drugs, so the idea of a diet was so welcome. However, I didn't really think it would work. It has been five months,and I have made amazing progress, especially since it is winter. There have been flare ups when I have strayed from the diet or have been under unusual stress. However, I am about 65% clear and what remains is not rough and flaky. All of this improvement has been without any presciption drugs of any kind. The remaining affected areas are reddish or pink, but smooth and flexible. I am confident that the improvement will continue. There is hope for anyone with this affliction, but it does require patience........
  • Chakracon "Chakracon" - No ComplaintsAt first I was a bit disgruntled after reading the reviews and realizing that I could not make this purchase and then use the product on ALL my computers. But, I purchased it anyway because I trust Microsoft Word and like it best as a word processing program. After receiving the product it became clear that I CAN use this product on all my computers through the 'cloud'. I can access my projects from any computer, in fact, via the internet - or I can choose to work on a project from the computer without using the cloud. It is not so bad... Microsoft may be greedy money grubbers, but they do have Word set up to be a versatile and workable product - and I could purchase it without purchasing the entire Office suite, which I don't need and would never use.
  • Anukhet - Where have you been all my life?At last a pen designed for me. Now I can draw pretty ponies and fairies and not worry my pretty little head about the real world with those over-masculinated ordinary pens. My life is now complete with this product BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, 1.0mm, Black, 16ct (MSLP16-Blk)
  • Lt. John Pike - Don't let the name "Defense Technology" fool you!UPDATE: BEWARE OF HIDDEN COSTS!!! I'm a cop so I don't know math, but somehow even though the spray only costs $60 itself, there is a $30,000 fee for each hippie that you spray with it. WHY DOESN'T THE MANUFACTURER PRINT THIS ON THE LABEL, WTF?!?!

    When I ordered a pallet of this Defense Technology MK-9 spray, I got so caught up in my usual daydreaming about blasting the Free Screech (hehehe) right out of some punk kids' throats that I didn't even notice the word "Defense" in the product name... UNTIL the box showed up at my UC Davis office. INSTANT BUYER'S REMORSE! I cried and even wet myself a little - how could I have been so stupid!? Defense! Seriously?? Well, rest assured fellow peacekeepers. I'll let you guys in on a little secret - one can of this stuff is supposed to be good for at least 14 shots, right? LOL, just ignore the instruction manual [Google: pepper spray projectorspec.pdf] that says "When possible, deploy 4-6 feet from the subject and actuate
    your projector in continuous 1/2 to 1 second burst". Unload the whole can to "defend" more like 6 or 7 subjects in one continuous stream, and from a distance of more like 1-3 feet. This allows you to protect/serve each subject twice, AND doubles the amount of protection actually delivered to the eyes and mouth! Oh, also be sure and shake the can after it feels empty, sometimes you can get a bonus shot out of it before having to pull the pin on a new can of freedom extinguisher. I wish I had time to write more about this MK-9 spray, but I am technically on paid vacation and my Outlook keeps saying "mailbox full" so th-th-th-that's all folks! Peace.