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  • Mike R - Finale, you've come a long way, baby.

    I've been an on again off again user of Finale since version 1 waaaaay back in the early nineties. I was a regular user while in music school and to the best of my knowledge was the first student at my school to use it as serious composition school. I would have never passed tonal counterpoint without it. My keyboard skills are not anywhere near good enough to play a 4 voice fugue. Finale can play it for you and more. The addition to the Garritan Personal Orchestra makes a great tool even better. Plus it's great for just playing music into the software and let it figure out all the rhythms for you. I can even use it take my MIDI data from my electro-acoustic pieces and adapt the score with custom notation for cues for the musicians. It's also great for generating exercises for my music students.

  • Koutetsu - Great co-op game with a few, fixable kinks.

    I've logged over 200 hours into the game so far and I am loving it. I have just finished Act III on Inferno. Previously, I attempted Act II with mediocre gear and died to everything in one hit. Now that I found and purchased some new gear on the AH (No, each piece was not worth millions of gold), I was able to complete through Act III.

    Playing with friends is very enjoyable for me. Monsters become stronger, but group dynamics, skills, and the ability to resurrect each other adds a new layer of gameplay to the game.

    The way the game plays can be a visceral experience at times. I love running around on my barbarian and using huge bashing attacks that, when an enemy dies, their body goes flying off the screen or off a cliff with ragdoll physics. At other times, you will be required to carefully plan your movements and dodge various enemy abilities.

    The game's feel is a roller coaster at times. At points, you will be in a brightly lit city and the next, you will find a cellar where there are corpses everywhere and blood lines the floor and walls. A cannibal, due to starvation, forced to eat his own kin. I love the dichotomy of the game's moods. The people who say "This game is too bright and it isn't dark like Diablo II was!" obviously are blind to the many, many dark and disturbing sights and events the game has.

    Surely the people who rate the game 1 out of 5 are at least a little bit exaggerating about the issues the game has. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, every gamer was given information about the game prior to its release. Many of the 1 out of 5 reviews complain about parts of the game that the gamer should have known prior to buying the game, as they were blatantly explained and expressed on various Diablo 3 websites.

    Additionally, many of the low reviews are due to the server issues that plagued the game the first couple weeks (they are gone now, as far as I can tell).

    Finally, any of the people who complain about Inferno, the game's hardest difficulty mode, most likely have never set foot in there. (It was stated that only 1.9% of characters have even unlocked Inferno mode! Well, more than that now.) Also, for those who do play Inferno mode, they most likely do not have the proper gear that will aid them in not dying.

    The game isn't without its kinks, though. A few issues that need to be sorted out:

    -Auction House Issues (commodities are down currently at the time of this review)
    -Witch Doctor needs be reworked for Inferno viability (while they can still play and do okay in Inferno, their pets are too weak)
    -It's sad that you can only play with 4 people in a game.
    -Potions are practically useless in Inferno. Highest level potion gives 12500 hp, when most characters will have 3-5x that amount.
    -Collision detection on some abilities (Arcane Sentries sometimes hit players even when they aren't facing the direction of the player)
    -Chat Spam

  • Michael - Ms. Coulter is a great policitical wit

    Ms. Coulter's book is incredible. She is an exceptional political thinker and has incredible wit. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book....and I'm not a die-hard conservative, I only lean to the right!

    Her topics are straight-forward, in your face, challenge me if you can. She firmly gets across her message: I am a conservative, I am right and liberals have got it wrong. Her approach is to challenge with facts. While I might not always agree with all of her statements, I certainly cannot discount her point of view and its basis.

    She is a clever writer and makes this book an enjoyable read for all policital types.

  • atw81 - Don't hesitate!

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