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  • J. Nowlen - Easy home accountingThis is year two for me using Quicken after MicroSoft eliminated MS Money. I had been a Money user since it came on the market in the mid 90's. Interestingly, I got my first MS Money for free as part of being on the Win95 beta. I had purchased Quicken right around then, but found its usability features poorly executed, and jumped at the chance to use something better.

    But Quicken came a long way in 15 years. So is fairly easy to use and does a great job at helping me keep tabs on various accounts. With the advent of BILL PAY features at most banks, the need to print my own checks from home accounting software is a thing of the past.

    Good help panels will assist the uninititated to use of this software. Failing that, there are many online forums to help you out.
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