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  • BabeGurl - It does work.I used the book and it is great. I removed sugar, wheat, caffeine, white foods and so much more from my diet. I increased my fruits and vegetables and wow what a difference. The weight does not come off as fast as some of the folks in the book, but it does come off.... slowly.
    If you are patient and willing to work with her and do the 5 meals you can see and feel the difference in your body.
    I like the book and it was easy to read and the foods are 75% in your pantry, a few you can purchase.
    Try it!
  • Kenan Cain - niceReceived tablet now for a couple of weeks and it is working wonderful, my product was delivered on time and the battery life is also amazing. love Samsung galaxy products.
  • MomToTwoBoys - I will never buy a McCafe drink again.... I'll make my own!I'm a huge McDonalds McCafe fan... Mochas, Frappes, I love them all! Those drinks are incredibly expensive when you're buying them daily, it really added up and put a dent in the budget by spending $30 to $40 on coffees a week. I bought this machine for my fiance' for his birthday, knowing that we'd both use it every single day. We're both in love! No, it might not make a true latte based on how it froths the milk. But when you're trying to replicate a Mcdonalds coffee that you love, well, then it's perfect for that! Experiementing with diffedrent coffee flavors, espresso, and flavors in the pitcher to make your own custom lattes is fun!! Thsi is a great machine and well worth the money!!

    I found this very easy to use, literally plug in, put a filter in, coffee in the filter, water in top, milk, chocolate syrup, and sugar in the pitcher, turn it on and it's done in minutes! We've tried whole & 2% milk with not nearly as much froth as the box shows, but that's not a deal breaker by any means! I love that we can do hot chocolate for our kids in here (put the ingredients in the pitcher, then turn it on just heat & froth). There's alot you can do by using flavored coffee with it or different things in the pitcher, it's fun!

    Then pitcher is not dishwasher safe, but I've found that the pitcher cools down so incredibly quick that you can clean it yourself rather easily after using it. We use our dishwasher for everything but it really isn't that hard to wash out a pitcher by hand, it's definitely not that big of a deal and isn't something that should deter anyone from buying the machine.

    All around - I'm happy with this! Makes a great latte and saves us money every day! :)
  • Steven Trainor - Cracking the ACTThis edition, even though a couple years old, is very helpful when review for the act. I have improved and learned new skills that will hopefully help me get the score I want. It is easy to understand and breaks the test down to tackle it from any angel. I would recommend this to other high school students looking for a good review!