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  • Pavel Somov, Ph.D., psychologist, author of &... - Rumi-nations on BarksBeing a fan of poor boundaries, I wrote to Coleman Barks the other day: "I was afraid I wouldn't like your poetry. I was afraid you'd be eclipsed by Rumi, ironically, with your own assistance." (To those not in the know, Coleman Barks brought many of us the Rumi that we've come to love). But my fear was unfounded: Coleman Barks stands un-eclipsed (at least in this audience of one). It's a sunny June Saturday in Pittsburgh and writing Amazon reviews on days like this is an existential sin. So, I'll be brief and telegraphic. Here are the words, names and phrases that came to my mind as I inhaled Coleman's 2009-2011 collection: Rumi, Whitman, Herman Hesse, mysticism, sufism, reminiscence, authenticity, raw, immediacy, pacifism, transparence, psychological striptease, restlessness, death, dying, love, "tat tvam asi," etc, etc.

    I am sure you have heard of the red shift. Big-bang cosmologists tells us of the run-away universe, of the ever-distancing-away cosmic horizons and of all that wonderful origin-of-all jazz. There is a red shift of sorts in this collection as well: Coleman - with each poem - first blue-shifts up close and personal and just about when you caught a glimpse of his Original Face, he - in age-appropriate and stage-appropriate manner - red-shifts away, fading out into the echoes of reminiscence, leaving you alone with your own un-masked self.

    Poetry - as say the Zen masters of old - is a sin. Not a moral sin, but an existential sin. Poetry begins as a celebration of the moment but ends as a funeral of it. Coleman Barks - like Rumi - like Whitman - like Hesse - is a sinner of this kind. A sinner beyond existential redemption: a never-to-recover recovering ecstatic. In short, if you ran out of Rumi, if you are jonesing for the breath of the ineffable, Coleman Barks will tide you over.
  • Bruce Senn - This Book is the Classic on the Crohn's Disease DietThis is the 2nd edition. We first became aware of the book some 20 years ago. My wife has had Crohn's Disease for more than 30 years and this diet provided welcome relief. It isn't easy to follow and it's easy to fall off the wagon. She is now trying it again with some initial success.

    The book should be required reading for anyone with Crohn's disease and we wish gastroenterologists would read it as well. The diet is a real alternative to the drug based therapy from the medical community.

    Highly recommended.
  • Tiffany - Smoothies - yum!Love my Nutri Bullet! My husband and I use it to make our green and yogurt smoothies. I use the milling blade to make find powder out of egg shells and put it in my garden. I know it would be useful for so many other things, but we are happy to have a blade that will chop the ice in our smoothies!
  • David Bradshaw - Works great, but not much difference from 2012First off I use QuickBooks for basic Invoicing, Estimates and keeping track of payments for my freelancing. I love QuickBooks and used the free edition that was available for Windows. However, when I switched to Mac I found this to be a great edition of QuickBooks and outshines the Windows version. I love the look and feel of QuickBooks for Mac and the floating windows (across the destkop not just within the main QuickBooks window is great! I have not had any problem using it (I am running OS X 1.8; Mountain Lion).

    To upgrade from 2012 to 2013 I just uninstalled 2012 (dragged app from Applications folder to Trash and emptied trash). Then I dragged 2013 from CD to application folder. I started it and after activating it it stated that it needed to upgrade my 2012 company so I told it OK. Then a moment later it was up and working and I had no problem. All of my invoices, estimates, and accounts were there! I do not notice much difference from 2012 -> 2013, there is a few general GUI improvements, but nothing major! I was using 2012 in Mountain Lion, so I am not sure what the big difference is, but it works great, and I have not had any problems!

    In the end I like QuickBooks 2013 for Mac, it is easy to use and works great! QuickBooks is a name I trust and find it the best way to keep track of invoices and estimates! It is simple to use and works great with my MacBook Pro (running OS X 10.8 [Mountain Lion]). I highly recommend!!!!!