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  • Bromo - The Wall -- Pink Floyd's MasterpieceA lot of people think that Dark Side of the Moon is the best album by this particular band. While the peak as pop stars coincides and is because of that particular album, the artistic peak is The Wall.

    While self indulgent at times, the basic intimacy and the way the album as a whole speaks to the modern human condition makes this album stand out their best artistic achievement by far.

    While "We don't need no education" made a fairly high mark on the charts - the album does not make sense except in its entirety. The album is a story of common, bad, childhood experiences and the growing alienation of success and adulthood - the emptiness, and triviality of success. Pink Floyd in the arc of the story - lays the banality and alienation of success bare - it ends up blocking the person from the world and the artist from the audience. At one point in the album, the artists command the audience to do anything however repulsive (anyone been at a rock concert where the band seemed like they could command the audience to do anything and they would?!). After alientation is complete, the main character "Pink" is judged and found guilty. He has to tear down the wall and live a genuine life a result that is both fightening and liberating.

    While not the poppiest of their albums, and not their musically best, this is the album which shows their artistic peak and is a worthy addition to someone interested in Pink Floyd.
  • MotorolaDave - This stuff is simply amazing.Ok here's the drill...this stuff really works. I'll be the first one to tell you that prior to taking FiveLac I didn't believe in holistic "crap" like this. Eating healthy? Never in my agenda.
    After 8 years of feeling overly tired all the time, having constant nightly headaches, and dozens of doctor visits someone told me about "Candida."

    First time I heard about Candida I thought it was a load of crap and was highly against anything to do with it. Well I got to point where I was desperate and decided to give it a try. I went on the Candida diet strict for two weeks and started to feel better...but still didn't feel all of my symptoms went away. So I decided to try use FiveLac after just a few days taking 3-4 packets a day I felt like a whole new person. I'm serious. My life is totally different now! I have tons of energy now and I haven't had a headache in weeks. I seriously love this stuff. I thought i'd spread the love by writing this review.

    If you are thinking you might have Candida and can't seem to get a leg up on it then just give this stuff a try. It seriously has changed my life. I feel normal again.

    Thank You FiveLac!
  • Elizabeth I. Knight-Smith - Align ProBioticsProBiotics have been recomended by all of my doctors & this was the brand mentioned first. I've been taking them for about 6 months & would recomend them to everyone that wants to keep their health top notch. If you ever have to take AntiBiotics for an illness you should take these when you're done to put all the good guys back in your body.
  • dklingen - From Quicken 2009 to 2011 (too many bad reviews of 2012)So, once again Quicken forces me to upgrade my Quicken software in order to maintain being able to download financial data from the internet (banks, credit cards, etc...) The 1st time this happened was going from 2006 to 2009. Some crazy concept about cycling (translated to disabling) download support every 3 or 4 years. Anyhow, I really liked Quicken 2009 and didn't want to change. For reasons unknown Quicken destroyed (or hid) the Forecasting in versions after 2009. From reading MANY really poor reviews I chose to skip 2012 and instead buy 2011. It turned out you can get to Forecasting in 2011 by going to the "Income vs Expenses" report under "Options" select the "Forecast my income and expenses" and viola. Overall 2011 has worked out fine with no issues and I am happy with it! I am also dreading that the next 3/4 year upgrade (2015) is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back (the point at which Quicken no longer does what I need it to do). If only Quicken would leave well enough alone and quits making "improvements" which break beloved features...