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  • Emily Lemmon - Eczema TreatmentMy daughter is four yrs old and has severe eczema on her arms, hands, legs, and feet. Out of desperation to find the cause, I started to google for information about the causes of eczema. Basically, no one knows the causes or the cure. I prayed about it for many months and was led in the direction that the eczema may be a symptom of a yeast over growth in the intestines. I figured this out by giving her an enema. The eczema cleared up for a week and then returned. I started to research ways to clear a yeast over growth and found this product. I started her on a half packet on Dec.23, 2009. Her die-off was pretty bad. She was extremely itchy and could not sleep. However, VERY SLOWLY, she started to improve. Every 10 days I added another half packet. Each time I added more, she would experience a little die-off, but nothing like the first. Now she is taking three packets a day and her eczema looks great! I have also been giving her digestive enzymes that I bought from GNC, as well as a multi-vitamin. I have really not changed her diet. This product is worth trying for two months atleast. You may get discouraged in the beginning (I did), but keep going. Today is Feb. 23, 2010, and I am so glad that our two months are over. I am going to start limiting her packets to one a day. Just so you know, dear reader, I am a real person. I do not sell this product or work for the company.
  • Nan - Life SaverThis product has saved my life. I had been so ill, with numerous hospital life threatening. I had been on dozens of different medications and tried many different diets. I had seen three different specialists.
    When I read an account of a similar ailment and treatment with Align, I decided to try it. The rest is history. Though not completely cured....I am very close to it .... with monthly improvement.
    I have been using this for a year now and can truly recommend it. I am able to eat almost everything again. I am hoping to be able to do just that in the near future.
    Amazon gave me the best price and will forever be my source for this product.
  • Penny - a different perspectiveI enjoyed learning more about this period of history from a different perspective, and i found my regard for Thomas Cromwell growing as i read the book- despite his conniving and manipulations, he was portrayed as man with some sense of obligation, of humanity, and with some forward thinking ideas.. I'lll now go back to read Wolf Hall.
  • H.Evans - Safe and ComfortableWe have been using this car seat for my son for almost a year now. He's a bit on the small side so this car seat was perfect for him as a front-facing car seat. We had no problems with the transition from rear-facing to front-facing. He fits snuggly into the seat and when he falls asleep his head never flops down. My older son has a different front-facing car seat and every single time he fell asleep his head would flop down uncomfortably. I have also heard that Britax makes very reliable and safe car seats. I would definitely recommend this to any parent.